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The practice of building recognition, logo, symbol, or anything that differentiates your products from others is called branding. Although branding closely revolves around these, the real essence lies in the experience that the brand offers. In the long term, your brand is how your business will be known and spoken of. It gives you an identity in the market.

3D Branding - In-Depth Perspective of Marketing

Branding simply means an act of building, constructing, and more over maintaining the way your audience looks at your business. Branding revolves around multiple factors, but there are a few factors which are more impactful than others. In the long term, your brand is how your business will be known and spoken of. It gives your business an identity in the industry.

We are going to speak about how to groom your brand; How to optimize its impact, focussing more upon a couple of sectors.

  1. Experience

From A to Z, everything that you do directly or indirectly affects the brand experience that your business offers. Brands are known to have an addictive fondness. It is so strong that in very short term they translate into a flattering loyalty. It is actually the brand experience that brings people back every time. The best way to do this is invoke emotions, make them aware about the issues that the society faces which is closely related to the industry you are in. A restaurant business can easily address the issue of hunger in the society. Serving customers their needs without having them ask proves very effective. Engage with them and never let them be disappointed.
Build loyalty among them, because those are the ones who will bring about more awareness about your brand. They will recommend your brand and will do a third person marketing.

  1. Focus on helping people to realize, who you are? And what do you do?

Being profit oriented won’t help. You have to be helpful; you need to personify your brand so that the people can understand you enabling a connection with them. MacDonald’s is a restaurant which has positioned its brand in a way that people have understood who they are. MacDonald’s is known to have cheap prices, good hygiene, quick and friendly service and delicious and a fun time. How did people realize these qualities in the brand? The answer is consistency. You will have to be consistent in how you make people think about your brand. Building a sustainable brand requires time; it won’t occur overnight, hence what you did so well to impress your customers today you will have to repeat every day. People should be on the same page of perception of your brand. Decide what kind of a brand you want to be. Would you like to be a sophisticated brand focussing on the upper class audience or you’d like to be a pocket friendly restaurant that calls for majority of the audience. Be clear in what you want to be, and be consistent throughout.

  1. Logo & Website

These are undoubtedly elements which aid your brand but those are not the only elements that will create a strong brand. These are abstract things that you care of, not the customers. What customers care about is the quality you give them. Never compromise upon the quality of the product/service. Speaking of product/service in the hospitality and the restaurant sector, it is needless to mention that the values you possess should traverse across your organization, especially to your staff. Your staff will be the point of interaction with the customers and that is where your customers will draw the picture of your brand. Ensure that they communicate in a convincing and a promising manner.

Branding is closely related to emotions and fondness of a person. Invoke a strong cause that will enable to flick that fondness and press that emotion. How you do that is your art. The more creative you get, more ahead you step.

Keep thinking. Keep Branding.



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