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There is more to running a successful restaurant business than just offering irresistible food. To be successful, you need to adopt a three-pronged approach – be Agile, Responsive and Adaptable in your services to deliver excellent customer experience. Be very clear that the success of any restaurant depends on the strength of its staff. The restaurant manager is a big driver to identifying consumers’ continually evolving expectations. Whether it’s planning the newest offer or events, or taking care of a bad review on social media, a manager today has to become a Super Manager to deal with the multifaceted restaurant business.

The real question is: How do you get to the point where your manager becomes a Super Manager and acts as the catalyst for your restaurant’s growth? To understand this, we need to look at the qualities that a Super Manager needs to run a successful business and look at how technology will enable him/her to gain those super powers.

Here are the five qualities:

  1. A Super Manager should have precognition powers and should be able to determine the availability of tables and use of customized messages for guest reservations. Customers are delighted when they do not have to wait. In the day and age of online reservations, customers are looking for convenient ways to make their reservations. Mobikon’s reservations help manage online and walk-in reservations intelligently and seamlessly.

Tip: Use the platform to accept table reservations on your Facebook page. You can create campaigns with special offers for Facebook fans, advertise on Facebook and increase your footfall and Facebook fans.

  1. A Super Manager should gather his customer’s thoughts at their convenience thereby getting genuine, realistic feedback. Restaurants get 25% higher feedback from online medium than written. Feedback is a powerful tool that provides insights on what the customer is taking away from your restaurant and how you can improve your service. Feedback also helps collect customer data like birthdays and anniversary's that helps you make offers on those special days. Mobikon’s feedback solution allows you to collate online feedback, with the ability to respond to customers in real-time and profile customers for automated marketing.

Tip: Create a whimsical, single page feedback form that is quick to fill yet informative. Emoticons are extremely popular and should be included in the feedback form.

  1. A Super Manager should be social media savvy. Only then will he be able to create or promote content that his customers will like, share and subscribe to, resulting in an increasing base of engaged followers on social media, especially the millennials. Mobikon’s Social Engagement solution is a quick link to all your social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. It allows you to post the same message on all or selected channels. It also allows you to monitor the developments on the channels and make informed data-driven marketing decisions.

Tip: Try having flash discounts or surprise offers for your social media followers which are time-bound. Target students or young working professional and see the surge in walk-ins. Measure your results in real time.

  1. A Super Manager connects with customers at the right moment and touch points, triggers highly personalized and relevant campaigns based on customer's journey with your restaurant. He leverages even the smallest opportunity to celebrate with his customers. It further brings customers back to the restaurant resulting in increased revenue. For example: Mobikon’s campaigns helps you host various types of scheduled campaigns and helps you with instant reports and analytics to measure the effectiveness of the campaign in real time. It helps reach out to customers who have higher possibility of engagement through intelligent re-targeting and scheduled campaigns.

Tip: While running an email campaign, try two different messages on two small sets of target recipients. Based on which message gets higher responses, run the rest of the campaign. This way you can test what works best with your customers and get better results.

  1. A Super Manager should have an ‘eye for insight’ on everything happening in his restaurant! Mobikon’s Single Dashboard, driven by rich analytics is an efficient and quick way to view customer feedback and get real-time alerts, as well as reports on social media campaigns. With this platform, you can build insightful customer profiles for re-marketing based on their visits and interactions to enhance customer engagement.

Tell us your journey towards better customer service at your restaurant. Are you currently working on one of more points from this blog? Talk to our experts who will help transform your restaurant business.

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