Understanding customer expectations is the key to excellent customer service leading ultimately to customer delight. Knowing who your customers are and what they want, goes a long way in achieving this.

Do you recall when was the last time your customer requested for an up-to-date website or a quick and simple smart phone application? Well, the truth is, sometimes amidst the chaos of running a restaurant, the things that impress customers are overlooked by the restaurant owners. However, not to forget, your business will prosper only if you put in some extra effort to surpass customer expectations.

If you are contemplating how to wow your customers and create a long-lasting, positive impression in their mind, consider these five small but important things.

  1. Trace the Key Touch Points

To exceed customer expectations, the restaurant owner should initially delineate each touch point that customers typically have with the brand. The simple approach to begin with this procedure is to break out your customer experience into major categories.

For instance, you may decide to break out into significant categories like:

  • Social Media Communication
  • Direct Communication (Emails, Live Chat)
  • Auto-responders (Purchase Receipt, Newsletters)
  • Informational (Product Descriptions, About Page, Contact Page)
  1. Listen Closely, Respond Quickly

Sending surveys and feedbacks to your customers can help your restaurant to measure satisfaction, identify discontented customers and discover potential advocates. However, bombarding such messages constantly can annoy them. While filling the details, customers are keen that the organization acts upon their opinion.

In such a scenario, a restaurant owner needs to react to criticism, follow up on it and let customer realize what's been improved. If not, clients will stop giving their inputs. So listen to the query and retaliate as quickly as possible.

  1. Engaging & Interesting Menu Card

When people choose a restaurant, the most common expectation is to taste some novel and creative food. Keeping this in mind, it is vital to revive your menu seasonally so that the customers can get the new and delicious flavour every time they order from your restaurant. New menu presentations are an incredible way for your restaurant’s marketing and promotional efforts.

  1. Instruct and empower your Service Staff to go the Extra Mile

Giving your customers strong and consistent service is fine, but sometimes it just takes a bit more to wow them. Instruct and incentivize your service staff to go slightly further, for example, instruct and incentivize your service staff to go slightly further, for example, by taking the initiative to recollect and personally welcome customers by name, learning about and catering to a guest’s individual preferences and in general making them feel like a VIP in your restaurant.

  1. Compromising with the quality

Of course, it's essential to keep your restaurant’s profit margins in place, however, if you are compromising the quality just to spare cash or to accelerate service, it will eventually cost you a lot. There are chances that you might be enticed to arrange food for less from your supplier or focus on getting food out of the kitchen hastily so that it can serve more tables, will definitely create a negative impact. The consistency of food quality is a key element in making and keeping your visitors cheerful.

Exceeding your customer’s expectation will help you build positive relationships with the loyal customers. Offer them solid and consistent service that is professional, attentive and friendly. Customers desire to visit a restaurant which has an attractive setting along with good meal. They want to have a good time. When you keep in mind the expectations that customers have, you will be able to generate more revenues. Don’t rack your brain in thinking about intricate thing to fulfill customer expectations. Sometimes, acting on basics can be the best way to win the heart of the customers.



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