Restaurant is a place where people come not only to satisfy their hunger pangs but also for sheer entertainment, experience good ambiance, get pampered, spend quality time with family and friends and best - to taste scrumptious cuisines. Convenience is another factor that forces people to eat out. People who do not get time to prepare food at home, finds restaurant a convenient place to dine.

Thus, it is vital for a restaurant owner to go beyond food and make their customers feel like kings and queens and understand their expectations and customer psychology before they serve them.

Now, if you do not understand the consumer’s psychology the chances of losing them are more. For example, a customer tired with his work pressure comes to your restaurant thinking he will get a homely feeling while eating. Unfortunately, he faces the worst staff of your restaurant. He does not welcome him or asks for which table he is comfortable. After much chaos he sits at one place and orders the meal. Now, he is waiting that he will at least get the food of his choice but the staff is rude and replies the food he ordered will take time so better order something else. The customer will obviously be upset. In such a scenario, he will either wait patiently for that day and will never come back next time or he will just walk away.

Whose loss is this? Certainly, restaurant’s. If you want to grow substantially in this business, it is essential to ensure that your customers are happy and satisfied.

Thus, it is important that restaurateurs invest in understanding the consumer psychology. This article will help you know more about your customer psychology and  his expectations basis that.
  1. Customers invests his money – When a person thinks to dine out in a fancy restaurant, he invests his hard earned money. Thus, it is certain that he will expect the best return. Restaurant owner should understand this psychology and provide them with the excellent service. From welcoming them till exit, you should offer something new to their senses. It shows you care about the guests. In case if they do not get enough for the price they have paid, they will never return to your restaurant again.
  2. Fulfill the expectations – Restaurant owners/managers should need to meet or exceed customer expectations if they desire to be successful in the business. Excellent customer service and high customer satisfaction is a key factor to make them come to your restaurant again and again. You should understand what they want. This can be done either by asking about your service and food face to face or document their feedback in digital medium such as iPad. It will help you improve the business immensely.
  3. Your customers are always right – Well, we must have heard this many times and it is indeed a universal truth, no matter be what circumstances. There must be a time when you feel the customer is dead wrong but making him realizing that can only make a negative impression.
  4. While this concept is a good one because it shows how you treat your customers. It makes them feel that your business could not exist without them. Treating them with kindness and respect even if they criticize you, will only make your restaurant business strong.
  5. Your customers wants to be heard - Assimilating customer visions into your restaurant’s creative efforts can have a huge impact on a brand’s success. Thus it is essential that restaurateurs/mangers listen to them in order to connect their insights into what the brand is trying to accomplish. It is a key to success. Make sure you document their feedback and happily accept the criticism if any. Speak to them what is it that they love or hate about your restaurant. If you can implement those feedbacks in your business, you are bound to go a long way.
  6. Presentation is a Must – While the food presentation is crucial to the success of a dish as its taste and savor, the way you treat your customer with different gesture also matters a lot. For example if a customer have reserved a table for his first date, it is necessary that you treat his girlfriend with lot of love and care. Make their date a special one by asking them if they are comfortable, how the food was, what are their likes and dislikes in menu. Make proper pre arrangements. Sometimes guests would like to come to celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries in your restaurant. In such a scenario, make sure that from welcome drink to desserts, everything is arranged as per the order. You can show a special gesture by singing the songs and dancing as if they are your family. These behaviors will surely make a positive impression and fulfill the expectations of the customers.
  7. Be Transparent – One of the major psychology of the customers – they want transparency. In the restaurant industry, business transparency is seen as a great way to highlight your practices and values to your customers. It helps your customers feel easier to understand what you deliver to them. For example, in your menu card, the rates given should be clearly mentioned if they are inclusive or exclusive of the taxes. This practice will help you get good result.
  8. Getting in touch with them even after their exit – Once the customer has left the restaurant, he thinks the work is done. However, surprising them with the discount messages or greeting them on the special occasion with special offers will delight them.

The role of the customer and their psychology is integral to a restaurant business’s innovation and brand development process. Every day you will meet some random group of people and wonder what they exactly think about your restaurant and you can fulfil them that they will keep coming back. The above points will help you get an answer and surely make your business prosper.



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