7 Reasons Why Restaurants Lose their Loyal Customers


New restaurants are mushrooming rapidly, which means restaurant owners are bound to face rivalry each day. To remain successful in such competitions, it is essential to retain customers because they are the reason behind your thriving business.

In a new research it is found that, 68% of customers will leave your restaurant from time to time and will never return, if you don’t care for them. This can be a huge loss for your business. So, are you offering better deals based on price, quality or service in order to keep them happy and contented? Well, read on the 7 reasons on why restaurants lose their loyal customers.

  1. Not having a Strong Web Presence

Internet is the first place where customers usually turn for all the information. So, if you have a business with poor online presence, you are definitely losing out on great opportunities to earn profits. Having an active and engaging website will help customers find you easily and also know about the products and services you offer them. With no web presence you are supposedly going to vanish in this fierce competition.

  1. Offering Poor Customer Service

One of the most common reasons of loyal customers leaving your restaurant, with no intention of returning, is offering bad customer service. 58% of respondents said that they are more likely to spread a positive word about the restaurant only if they have experienced a great customer service. So, if you fall down in any of the areas such as ambiance, food, prices or service, you can bet no customers will ever return to you.

Thus, it is vital to deliver incredible services so that people from every corner of the world will desire to visit your restaurant and taste the scrumptious food you offer.

  1. Treating New and Existing Customers TOO Differently

Yes it is true that every restaurant owner will love to entice new customers by providing discounts or incentives, but not to forget that in this journey where your loyal customers supported you throughout, not offering them such rewards might make them feel ignored. New customers definitely create an instant top-line impact to your business; sales to loyal customers literally result in a bigger impact on your bottom-line.

  1. Keeping your restaurant in Mess

Clean and hygiene restaurants are one of the most essential factors in attracting new customers and retaining the older ones. Regardless of how delectable your food may be customers will not want to flock in your restaurant ever again if it has dirty toilets, the stale smells, bad staff hygiene or the worn flooring. Thus, maintaining a good hygiene is must.

  1. Inconsistency in your Service

Just imagine that a customer visit your restaurant and is extremely happy with the great menu and customer service. Thus, he decides to bring along the loved ones with him. Unfortunately, you have changed your staff as well as the chefs. Now he has met a grumpy waiter who hardly gives them attention. Moreover, even after ordering the same menu last time, with certain changes in the kitchen it has different taste and requires waiting for a longer period of time. In short, now the guest is left with annoying experience. No matter he might have one good visit, the last frustrating experience means they will never return.

A few positive changes here and there are needed to attract the customers, but major changes with incompetent staff means loss of loyal customers.

  1. Prices should be Reasonable

No customer will like to overpay even if your food is too appetizing. They need to get the best value for the best food. Overly prized menu will only make the people run away from your restaurant. Therefore, find out different ways to cut costs in other manners in order to give the customer the best possible value.

  1. Delaying in Resolving the Customer Issues

Asking for the feedback from the loyal customer is good, but if they criticize your service and you do not show any improvements, it will irritate them and make them feel less satisfied. In short, discontent customers will never return. So, resolving the customer problems or complaints as soon as possible is necessary to make them feel special.

Loyal customers are hard-won, particularly in the restaurant business. Smart restaurant owners know that fulfilling customer expectation of the existing guests will help their business in long term. All these above reasons are major factors on why customer loyalty is key to any restaurant's success. Fixing any customer satisfaction issues in time will only help you in enjoying success by generating higher revenue.



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