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Restaurant marketing

10 Most Common Marketing Mistakes Made by Restaurants

Everybody realizes that the restaurant business is operations heavy and all-consuming. It is a high risk investment because, unfortunately, the failure rate in this business is too high. As long as you offer awesome food, service and ambiance, people from every corner of the world would love to visit your restaurant and taste every delicacy. However, lack of understanding & focus on marketing fundamentals could have negative impact on your entire business in long run.

So what could be those blunders? Here is the rundown of 10 most common marketing mistakes made by restaurants:

  1. No unique selling point

    Your clients require a reason to visit you again and again. REMEMBER - Good food and/or service cannot be named as Unique Selling Point. Yes, you do need incredible food and services, but alongside you require offering people an emotion. If you make a genuine, enthusiastic association with your clients, they will recollect how you made them feel for a considerable time. What is that one thing they would say & remember when they think about your brand?

  2. Not managing by facts & data

    So, you can prepare incredible dishes and you feel you are prepared to open a restaurant? The answer is simply - NO! There are several restaurateurs who don't understand that having great food and service is just 1/3 of the fight. The other 2/3rds incorporate how to market your brand. Make sure to gather information and analyze your business so that you can run a profitable business without any hassles. Nothing tracked, nothing learnt is the mantra. Managing your business by data analytics provides a competitive edge.

  3. Me too approach

    You might have acquired a good brand development strategy, however, this is not enough. It is necessary to grab the eyeballs of the prospective clients. If you have the same strategy like others, this job will be exhausting. People are usually bored to get the similar marketing messages daily and thus might ignore you too. So, get something interesting that will entice clients and get you the best results.

  4. Not having an effective and engaging website

    You'd be amazed to see the number of restaurants that have incompetent and boring websites. Your sites serves as a gateway to your business. It is your most important real estate in the digital world. It is not only required but vital to make your site as alluring and pragmatic. Do you have Feedback, Ordering, Social, Giftcard plugin ready website with nice design?

  5. Absence of a reputation management program

    Every restaurateur will want to connect with their clients. But do you really know what your customers say about you? Maybe people are expounding on how there is 'no parking spot' in your vicinity. Possibly they like the food you offer, but still they are unenthusiastic in waiting in long queues at your place. In such a scenario, reputation management does a great job for you. It will definitely show you what people say and think about your brand. Do you have the control over your brand interactions though feedbacks?

  6. Not publishing enough

    Content is king in today’s world. Consumers would like to know and discover interesting information related to your brand or domain. Organisations that focus on publishing the good content about your services regularly will surely win in terms of website traffic and leads.

  7. Poor pricing strategy

    : Is your brand positioning consistent with your pricing policy? Every restaurant is different from each other, thus you should not copy the pricing strategy. No matter your business is big or small, a technique for pricing your menu is needed to earn benefits.

  8. Spamming the customers

    A restaurant may have an incredible brand, promotions, a useful site, and a huge client database, yet they don't get the expected number of customers. Why? Well, it might be due to consistent pitching and zero client engagement. You may have gone overboard in sending messages like this "20% off everything on our lunch menu before 2PM today!" While these messages might be pleasant to seeing it constantly is really annoying. Clients need to be recognized and acknowledged, and that implies speaking with them on a personal level without the indication that you need their cash.

  9. Overkill on social networking accounts

    Social media is free and the best way to boost your presence in this industry. But it does not mean you should begin by opening dozens of accounts. Pick two or three renowned sites and open your account to post your stuff regularly. Having a consistent content posting plan along with prompt engagement reverts on handpicked leading networks work well.

  10. Failing to bring back the customers

    Most of the marketing dollars and time is spent in attracting new customers and filling the seats day after day. It is not only inefficient us of resource but yields a low non tracked ROI as repeated customers are more powerful brand ambassadors and more profitable as well. Do you have a referral strategy and automated marketing modes in place?