India has been gifted with great biodiversity, cultural heritage and demographics which force us or rather influence us for a greater good and often during seasons. During the span of different seasons, a few minor adjustments in the way your restaurant works would prove truly profitable.

Here, we make an attempt to make to list down 10 ways by which you can make your restaurant holiday season a rocking one.

1. Identify the niche

As the name suggests, you will need to identify smartly and intelligently as to what your restaurant peak season is and which nerves have to be pressed and how hard they to be hit. Depending upon the circumstance then, you can apply the next point.

2. No-pause Social Media.

Even though your restaurant might be operational only for say two or three months in a year, but being absent from the social media handles would prove extremely costly. It so happens that, the target audience is always present on the social media and that perhaps is the only way how they could remember your restaurant. Statistics indicate that if the audience is reminded about the restaurant when its season is just around the corner, it would have attracted enough customers without much deviation. Timing is all.

3. Be prepared for the force.

A small but extremely crucial point is how well are you prepared to handle the force or customers as we call it. There is a long gap between the current season and the one that will come next year; if we fail to establish a fairly good ability to attend each of them regardless of the rush that exists, they will be gone forever. So foresee the demand of your product and service and be prepared accordingly, coz you would not want to make a bad first impression

4. Encourage the people to be together.

This is one thing which most of the restaurants have overlooked. There are hardly any attempts on making unknown people and complete strangers come together at a place to celebrate together. If your seasons so suits, this is an idea which may do miracles for your restaurant.
For instance, on the New Years Eve or on the Valentine’s Day, have a surprise contest or game which would encourage the people to interact as a whole rather than just enjoying alone. This would give them memories which would spread like forest fire.

5. Bring the essence back.

We are increasingly overlooking the absence of essence from the purpose. If you can somehow get it back, your restaurant would be soaring high. Often during times of such hustle and where everyone is only digitally available, your restaurant can target this nerve and give them an enjoyment which now are just memories.

6. Modify your offering.

If you sell a product or service that your customers primarily purchase as holiday presents, consider how you can market your offerings in a different way. Seek out relevant trends for your product or service and encourage customers to make a purchase outside of the holiday seasons. For example, if you’re an online photo printing service with the biggest selling months being those with major gifting holidays, you can keep your audience interested year-round by reminding fans of other holidays, such as graduations or retirements. Host photos contests and offer give-a-ways to keep your service fresh in your customers’ minds even when they aren’t thinking about gifts.

7. Review your resources.

This is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep a year-round momentum. Take note of what equipment, skills, & other resources you have at your disposal & deliberate upon what your target market needs may have during your low-season. Thinking of ways through which resources can be used to meet the desired purpose. Developing an ancillary service or product is a great way to sustain your business through the slow months. For example, if your website sells city tour packages that are ideal for summer months, use your travel knowledge to create city guides that can be purchased as gifts all year-round.

8. Testimonials Are Not Seasonal.

With consumers trusting more and more in online reviews of businesses and services, the smart seasonal operator is going to ask customers for their input during the busiest time of the year, and then keep those testimonials handy for great marketing material during the slack times.

9. Collaboration.

Collaboration has always been a speedy way to grow your business, improve your company’s outlook and foster your presence in your industry. Partnering with entities which aid your industry is one way your company could look to expand and penetrate.

10. Hold an event or cross-promotion with a related business.

As a seasonal business that hustles to stay afloat, you probably know of others in the same boat. Consider teaming up with complementary businesses and co-marketing an event or promotion with them. For example, a bed-and-breakfast may do a cross-promotion with a restaurant, offering a package deal to each other's customers. Your marketing communications should keep your seasonal customers


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