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Restaurant marketing

14 Common Doubts about Effective Restaurant Marketing

Have you ever wondered why in spite of providing awesome food and incredible client services, there are a lot of empty tables in your restaurant? Well, this is one such question that has baffled restaurant owners and managers.

The answer is simple. With competition getting fierce, every restaurant is coming up with innovative ideas to grab the eyeballs of the customers. In such a scenario, it is a must to dust off the current weak plans and take a closer look at the effective marketing strategies.

Here is the list of 14 common doubts about effective restaurant marketing that can help you to frame effective strategies for your business and ways how you can be effective at it:

Does being transparent really help?

It is a fact that no restaurant is perfect, but an honest and quick acknowledgement in any circumstances sets you apart from a bad one. One thing that is extremely essential is not only giving consideration to good reviews posted on popular networking sites but also to bad reviews. There is no compelling reason to delete them, rather make sure to answer them with apology email and also show them your willingness to work hard and regain their trust. Furthermore, people do welcome the round-the-clock reactions.

Is being unique important?

The traditional way of sending a standard press release to promote your restaurant can be boring. To grab the eyeballs of the customers you actually need to do something very unique such as celebrity chef cook-off, special challenge or other significant occasion.

Is customer relations a must?

This is one of the best strategies that will help you get great results without paying a single penny. Make sure you have a great relations with every customer you serve, because people might forget your mistakes if they are emotionally connected with you.

Why have an interactive and engaging website?

Undoubtedly, your site can be considered as the personality card of your restaurant. If this is not enough, it can also be your advertising device to communicate with visitors, promoting, offering knowledge, announcements and also letting people know about the daily deals.

Is social media only a hype?

With the aid of the social networking websites one can easily showcase the food, share recipes, clarify the origin of a dish and also shoot videos to entice customers.

Is online ordering really so important?

Of Course! Today, most people are known to order food online as they do not have time to stand in a long queue. Thus if you do not have online order system, you might be missing a lot of business.

Why SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

With Internet being such a huge space, are you worried about being visible to the potential customers? Now no need of getting lost on Internet when searched by your targeted customers as effective SEO strategy can help you get the desired results. For example, your site must be appropriately streamlined and that implies it must meet certain criteria so that it can receive the good rankings. Make sure you have appropriate knowledge about SEO.

Should I really post photos on social media?

Now, this is interesting! There are many websites that offers you a chance to post high quality, drooling images of your food. These flavorful photos can absolutely tempt people to visit your restaurant at least once. Researchers have also found that colored visuals increase people's willingness to buy products by 80%.

Why opt for loyalty programs?

Associating with online food applications can urge your clients to look at your restaurant through gamification and loyalty programs offer guests a free buy or discount coupons for visiting by a specific number of times. Also, such loyalty programs offers monetary satisfaction along with making the clients feel special. Specific discount privilege can always impact the brand loyalty.

Why use online coupons?

There was a time when coupons were given through newspapers. However, today, time has changed and many small and big restaurants merge with the websites that offer daily deals and discounts to potential clients. Website coupons add a lot of convenience and flexibility to the customers which is the need of the hour.

Is email marketing effective?

This is certainly a good strategy but remember, your restaurant does not need a weekly promotions, but as people do get annoyed with flooded inboxes. But a monthly email can be helpful for making aware about the food and services you provide.

Should I host food events?

Hosting food events is an incredible approach to get your restaurant promoted. It permits you to interact with the people and make them aware about the brand.

Why should I maintain customer database?

When it comes to direct marketing, having a genuine cell phone number, names and email addresses of the guests will always help you.

What’s the importance of a business card?

As a restaurant owner, it is essential to have business cards. This is helpful in providing details about your restaurant. However, it is always a good idea to stand out from the crowd by designing innovative business cards. You can go through several designs online and select the one that suits best for you.