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15 Consumer Engagement ideas you should use in 2016

Today, marketers are trying hard to execute strategies that would help them with consumer engagement.

Undoubtedly, the engaged and esteemed clients are happy clients. So, one of the key components to maintain a fruitful business is to draw in your clients. Great customer engagement strategies make it easier to generate more income, perk up customer retention and drives customer loyalty.

So, how would you drive consumer engagement? Well, here we're going to elaborate on those tips:

  1. Discovering your clients

    If you are using social media websites as a strategy, the first thing you need to do is to discover your clients! While the majority of your customers will have profiles on renowned sites, chances are they might be spending their time on one site or utilize them for various purposes (social versus proficient). Knowing which websites they usually visit, makes it simple to engage them.

  2. Email Marketing

    Most marketers might be using this technique to engage customers. Well, this is the amazing way to draw in people, but the only thing is to utilize it well and in a professional manner.

  3. In-Product Messaging

    It is always a good habit to send messages to your customers relevant to your products and services you provide. This is because inapt communication will lead to poor conversion rates and increase customer's fatigue.

  4. Offer Great Content

    When attempting to connect with your clients, don't simply share news about your company's promotions. It is always better to give important substance which will help the customer to build awareness about the product/services hence assisting them in their purchase decision. Relevant and captivating content will help you get back your customer's attention.

  5. Try not to be SPAMMY

    This one is straight forward, so do not overlook it. There is no doubt that your clients will un-follow you, if you ceaselessly post advertisements, promotions, and upgrade updates about your company.

  6. Lure the Consumers with Concession

    People usually get attracted if someone offers them discounts. So you can engage consumers by providing them free or discounted webinars, online classes, products and also services.

  7. Communicate, Communicate and Communicate

    Every marketer desires to have a good rapport with their clients. Thus, following a traditional way, such as calling, sending letters or also visiting a client's office regularly will help you get better results.

  8. Gripping Customer's Interest

    The latest trend to hold the grip of your customer's interest is by sending creative and interactive links, videos, blog posts and also website content.

  9. Offering Customer Service

    It is necessary that you equip your representatives with an apt information about the products and services you provide so that they can further help in solving the queries of the clients accurately. This is the best strategy in offering a great customer service.

  10. Participation

    Pursue your consumers in taking part in a product-review contests, selecting monthly fans, and also requesting them to post images with your products.

  11. Measure Product Engagement with an Analytic System

    Nowadays, reasonable and unique analytic systems are helping marketers in measuring product engagement with clients. In short, with an aid of the analytical systems, you can get visibility into customer engagement.

  12. Have a Practiced Customer Development Processes

    With an all round polished procedure for customer development, you can easily address the client torments.

  13. Dynamic profiling

    Do it, period. Today, less information have been capturing the attention whereas the unfiltered requests are entering the pipeline. Without dynamic profiling, there is a risk in passing unsuitable leads to the sales team.

  14. Clean Data

    You can't connect with your clients if your information isn't right, and B2B information degrades at the rate of 3-6% every month. Thus, it is essential to clean information and get correct data.

  15. Give them an Experience

    Create a customer experience zone to help showcase how your answers can fathom their torment focuses and experience the brand.