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Restaurant marketing

Who doesn't want a giant boost to their businesses? It takes a lot of careful and deliberate efforts to enhance your profits and let your restaurant business grow. Boosting your F&B business is not a singular act. It is a function of quality and not quantity, it’s a function of marketing and not promotions, it’s about how you position your brand and not about how you simply bring in customers.

Here, we are listing down four major ways through which you can boost your restaurant business:

  1. Scrap Conventional Means And Be The New Cool

Previously, discounts were all that a restaurant offered when it came to promotions, but times have changed and so have these conventional methods. It is more partially due to the competition but also because saving money isn’t always something that will prove as an incentive if you offer something better. There are innumerable ways that could be implemented and these do not have to be as per the general convention that has been followed till now. Break the conventions and introduce new, fresh perceptions. Happy hours, free delivery guaranteed in a few minutes, serve hot or free are some of the things that were fresh when they were introduced and turned out to be so efficient that it became a general trend and then translated into an inherent service that comes with the restaurant service.


  1. Use Mobikon Solutions

Mobikon allows you to generate and manage leads, monitor them by enabling you to analyse, assess and take actions on the feedback received and we also has a product named mOrder which allows a restaurant to manage their online ordering and in store orders. Mobikon has time and again proved to be an extremely effective and efficient tool capable of delivering high-quality of whatever you engage them for.


mOrder: http://mobikontech.com/mOrder.html
mFeedback: http://mobikontech.com/mFeedback.html
mEngage: http://mobikontech.com/mEngage.html

  1. Give Them More Than Just Good Food

The main idea of going out to a restaurant is to have good food, but yours is not the only one that gives delicious food. There are a lot of other options that a person have. So why will the person come to your restaurant? The answer is experience. If you give your customers an unforgettable experience that makes his evening a memorable one, which you have essentially outranked your rivals.

  1. Treat Your Customers As Gold.

In the restaurant business there is no substitute to the word of mouth. It almost certainly so happens that the person or the group of people visiting the restaurant will speak about it and share their experience. Now it isn’t necessary that they speak well of you, your restaurant, the food and the experience there. There is every possibility that they would speak negative about their time and experience with you and nobody other than you would be responsible. Hence it is imperative to treat customers like gold


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