Growth, stability, profitability, survival are the main agendas for a long term for any business. In the current times, it is easy to understand things individually but difficult to grasp in totality. Every restaurant needs  to find some  ways that might help it grow apart from the organic growth that may simultaneously take place.

We have listed down 5 generic ways in which every restaurant business can grow:

  1. Lay your focus at an appropriate place

Most of the times it so happens that the restaurateurs are unable to understand what’s wrong. They are unable to check where the problem lies and hence they keep looking for the solution in the wrong place. Customer is the king; this is true even for restaurant business. Laying our focus there should be our primary course of action. We should definitely  focus on procuring new customers, but we must lay our focus more importantly on our existing customers, they should not bounce back for any reason.  Customers don’t return for numerous reasons, you will inevitably have to target all these reasons and stow away all of them.


  1. Set up special events

As restaurants, you should mark your calendars and miss no opportunity of setting up any sort of special event for the respective people. Calendar should be your biggest ally. You can actually catalyse celebrations of a particular event by encouraging it. Instances of such events could be, New Year, friendships day, rakshabandhan, holi etc etc. These are the common ones, even for the unusual one’s you can set up something on a small scale to recognize and acknowledge the importance of it.


  1. Feedback

What marks are to the student who give exams, is feedback to the restaurateurs. Just like without marks the exams become irrelevant, even business becomes irrelevant without feedback. Feedback is something that brings you nearer to the consumers. Feedback doesn’t necessarily have to be from customers, it can very well come from your staff. Getting feedback has innumerable benefits and can prove to be a key to a room in which you are long stranded. Feedback essentially lists down the issues that the customers face or the changes that the customer would like to have. What could be better than someone coming and telling you you’re doing this wrong?


  1. Engage customers

People stick with one particular thing when they get what they want. Similarly, if you don’t engage them by giving what they want, they may not stay. You may not be able to retain your customers. Engaging is an art and you have to learn unless you want to perish away from the restaurant business. How you have to engage customers depends upon a lot of factors, the most important of them is the demographics of your audience. If your target audience is teenagers and youth predominantly, then you may lay your focus on social media, but if your target audience is in the age group of 25-30 then you might have to engage them through discounts. Basically you have to tailor your communication depending upon the target audience.


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