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Restaurant marketing

A lot of people dream to set up a classy fine-dine restaurant and on a pleasantly cool evening sit down in their very own restaurant and perhaps say this to oneself - “shouldn’t I feel proud of what I've achieved?”, and a simple secret smile will be the answer. A lot of people have such aspirations but only a few  are able to fulfil it, even fewer would find the joy and hold pride in the brand and benchmark that they have established for customer satisfaction.5-Ways-to-engage-restaurant-customers-1

It may not be as arduous to set up a restaurant as it may be to retain customers and generate a sense of loyalty and ownership among them. It takes more than just business orientation to create a sort of benchmark that you are willing to set up which would be an extra ordinary standard for the industry. Time and again, restaurant owners have faced the issue of retaining customers and creating a sense of loyalty towards the restaurant. There exists a perpetual dilemma between alternative options and quite often all of them prove to be unworthy. So, what makes your restaurant unique is how differently you position the brand and how well it sinks in among the customers. How receptive they prove to be, and if not, what steps did you take to make it count.

Platforms like Mobikon provide an easy, effective, and low-cost way to help engage your restaurant customers. Here is the link to our customer engagement platform – mEngage.

  1. Memento/Giveaways

    People love when they are surprised. Surprise them with a token of gratitude or affection at the end of the meal as a giveaway. This wouldn’t have much to do with the magnificence of the giveaway that you offer; it may be as simple as you think it should be. The more giveaways you have, more likely are the customers to return to your restaurant. You may also collaborate it over the social media to have a wider outlook. Running contests, asking what they’d like to have and giving them as giveaways are much likely to generate what you are looking for.

  2. Developing emotional connections

    5-Ways-to-engage-restaurant-customers-3Nothing dwells among humans more than emotions. One of the most effective ways of building emotional connect with customers is to ascertain that they are dealing with an actual person and not just a nameless, faceless corporation.

This can be done in many different ways:

  1. You may include personal stories and experiences of the author of your content which will enable the readers to connect and start building a relationship
  2. Casting someone as your restaurants brand ambassadors may serve the purpose as well. The best example for this can be Steve Job of Apple.
  3. Solution

  4. Restaurants have been blessed to have solution providers like Mobikon to aid them in multiple ways. Point 4 and 5 are of great importance and will lead to unleashing great potential. Mobikon has products such as mEngage and mFeedback; both these products deliver more than what is expected and what is required. Below mentioned are the links for the two products respectively. Also, Mobikon is currently running a campaign of setting up unique websites for restaurants for free. If you are really willing to take your restaurants to newer and greater levels, now is the time, this is your realm.
  5. mEngage - http://mobikontech.com/mEngage.html

mFeedback - http://mobikontech.com/mFeedback.html

  1. An unmatched evening.

    The main idea of going out to a restaurant is to have good food, but yours is not the only one that gives delicious food. There are a lot of other options that a person have. So why will the person come to your restaurant? The answer is experience. If you give your customers an unforgettable experience that makes his evening a memorable one, which you have essentially outranked your rivals.

  1. Interaction on social handles

    5-Ways-to-engage-restaurant-customers-5Almost most of your customers are present on social media, to have a continuous engagement with them, social media can be a very useful tool. You can encourage interaction through interesting questions like what’s your favourite dessert.









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