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What time is it? It’s beer time! At least that’s what the growing number of beer cafes dotted around the country suggests. And for a good reason too. Beer is no longer a drink for the few, but has earned its way to have a wider mass appeal, making it one of the most gender, location & price preferred drinks around.

However, the frothing beer culture has found its way into our lives with one big distinction – plenty of choice. Consumer demands for better flavors, more variety and a wider range have led to several changes to the traditional beer market. Today, you not only see international brands flooding the beer market, but a significant pie of this booming beverage industry belongs to the microbreweries too. Customers today have a chance to expand their flavor palate and experience beer in a whole new way. So what trends will you see in this space? We bring you the six-pack download:

Craft culture

Anything new on the market seems to pique customer interest; be it pubs that brew & serve fresh beer on site or even the ones that offer popular local flavors on tap, the trend seems to be moving away from the humble pint. Consumers want a fresh sip of this ancient beverage with daring flavors such as mango, Darjeeling tea and chocolate tickling their taste buds.

Cafe Kick

Traditionally, consuming alcohol in India meant visiting a pub or a bar post sunset. The most adventurous you could get was on a Sunday brunch, when it was legitimate to chug a bud with your buffet meals. Cut to today, most urban cities are peppered with relaxed beer cafes, making it a viable daytime drink for those who want an alternate to the caffeine kick.

Millennial Mug

India is pegged as the youngest nation today with 65% of its population under 35. Which also means that the beer market today has more takers now than ever before. Urban and semi urban cities are ripe for the larger market and have seen the footprint of this industry increase over the last 3-4 years.

Attitude Adjustment

There is a sea of change in the attitude towards beer in the Indian culture. The stigma around alcohol consumption in general has worn down, especially in the Indian metros, and beer today is seen as a perfectly acceptable social drink, making it a more popular choice in the city milieu.

Investor Interest

Startups in India, in the craft beer business, have shown proof of concept with a runaway success and acceptability for their product over the last few years. Naturally, this in turn has led to a larger amount of investor interest too, making it a viable business for anyone with a passion for the brewing business.

International Innings

International brands too have shown a keen interest to capture the large latent market in India that is ripe for taking. Heineken’s latest move of introducing Beer 0.0 is the latest indicator in the potential that India as a market holds for international players.

With so much buzz in the beer market, it is perhaps the right time to raise a toast and “ale” in the era of the frothy glass of fun!