Beer is amongst the most popular beverages for many reasons, and only one of which is owing to its taste. In the past few years, people have started socializing more, especially the millennials who are open to experiment with global cuisine.

Beer can transcend generations, gender, class, backgrounds & culture by striking a unifying note with just about anybody. According to the All India Brewing Association, it’s the craft beer trend in particular which has been on a consistent rise, with their sales growing at 20 percent year on year since 2008. 

Every now and then, new trends emerge & shape the alcobev & restaurant business. In order for a business to thrive in this ever changing and competitive setting, a great idea must be backed up with an unbeatable execution. Let us see some of the leading players in the space of all things beer & what they are doing in order to stand out & lead the pack.

  •  23434856_1777934238915560_4468152662406584915_n.jpgThe Super Happy Pop Up at the Barking Deer

    Mumbai’s first microbrewery featuring the city’s most authentic craft beer, The Super Happy Pop Up at the Barking Deer serves various specialty beers along with many brands of imported beer. With its sophisticated comfort food in a friendly pub atmosphere, this microbrewery stands out from the crowd with their active social media presence and feedback technology to understand exactly what their customers want.

    They always curate their menu to keep their offerings unique and exciting, with the recent addition of their Bosnian beer called Happy by Thirsty. Always up-to-date and keeping their customers engaged, they are currently celebrating No Shave November with Happy Movem-Beer, giving free beer to those who sport a beard.

  • 18622364_1542673245751582_2646346210328487092_n.jpgToit

    Toit had a humble beginning in the beer capital of India, Bangalore and now has an outlet in Mumbai as well. They have grown to be one of the most popular microbreweries of Bangalore, serving about 2000 mugs of beer over a typical weekend.

    Toit has worked to create a story about its business, and a brand presence with a very creative menu. They have a strong website & social media presence, apart from basking in good publicity after being covered in numerous articles by both traditional & contemporary marketing channels. But what keeps them ahead, is their bold & experimental menu and their customer retention ability apart from great quality hand crafted beers. Loyalty programs & a great feedback program has resulted in a slew of great reviews on online platforms establishing them firmly as masters of their craft!

  • 17795729_1310901462280749_3977123379598024790_n.pngThe Beer Café

    With outlets in 33 locations and 50 different beer brands from 20 countries being served, The Beer Café has become the most awarded beer chain in the country. 

    What puts them ahead of the others is not just their impressive lineup of beers, great entertainment & décor. They have a technological edge with their interactive and easy to use PYOB (Pour your own beer) system. Pouring their own beer from these mesmerizing wall mounted screens & silver taps comes with the added benefit of not having to pay a ‘service charge’. Not only that, The Beer Café has introduced its own app which makes customer engagement, loyalty programs & redemptions absolutely easy.

  • 12805753_938484626247760_29062348815334483_n.jpgThe White Owl

    Craft beer made in this microbrewery comes from the finest ingredients and boasts of many flavors to tantalize those beer buds. Their creations are stocked up and sold in many outlets across Mumbai & Pune.

    Apart from quality, creativity, as well as an amalgamation of the old world style with the new age flamboyance, The White Owl has a powerful social media presence with engaging content & regular updates on the events keeping them on top of their customers’ minds. Their attractive online menu and tie ups with aggregators in the food delivery space helps in customer retention & new customer acquisition.

Since it certainly is a good time to be a beer lover, it stands to reason that now is a good time to cash in on the growing fondness for beer and its expanding sophisticated audience. It’s time to improve your offerings, provide a unique customer experience and increase brand visibility, as the demand for craft beer is on an incline.

So how are you upping your beer game as a player in this competitive market? A technology backed marketing solution can help you pull in the crowds and keep them coming back for more.

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