Here we list three phases of Customer Relationship Management that you can use to Scale Up Customer Retention and boost your restaurant business tremendously.

In a restaurant sector, attracting customers is easy by creating promotions and deals, but retaining them is incredibly difficult. The major reason behind these circumstances is that the restaurant owner fails to understand the views and expectations of their precious guests. Since there is a fierce competition in this field, customer retention is extremely vital for growing a sustainable business. Now, what is customer retention? It is an activity and action that an organization takes to reduce the number of customer complains.
The journey of the relationship between you and your customer begins from the minute he enters your restaurant and should last even after he has left. So, how does this works? Well, read the article to know more
Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and it can be achieved with the help of fantastic customer relationship management. A customer goes through three phases when he visits a restaurant.

Phase 1: Customer Entering Your Restaurant

When a diner visits your restaurant, greet them. Ensure to offer a genuine attention to them. Make them feel welcome. Treating them with care and respect will make them think that they are special. Use the respectful titles such as sir, ma’am. Listen to their expectations carefully.
This sort of customer service will help you create an exceptional bond with them. They will be satisfied and will come back to your restaurant again and again.
Moreover, it is found that the satisfied customer visits 4.3 times per month, spends more than the average and will be a loyal customer for a longer period of time.

Phase 2: The Ordering

When they call your staff to order the food, it is essential to listen to them first without interrupting. Once they finish with it, you can politely refer some of the best cuisines of your restaurant. However, make sure you do not force them to taste it. The best customer service lies in keeping the customer’s needs at the forefront.
When it comes to serving, begin with the women, then men and at last children if any. Pour and refill the drinks constantly. While the food quality is significantly critical, the right etiquettes of the staff too matter a lot.
A little courtesy, charm along with professionalism is the ingredients to offer the best dining experience to your customers.

Phase 3 – The Exit

After checking that the customers are done with the food, clear the plates as soon as possible. Do not rush. Bring the bill only when someone asks for it. While they pay the money, ask for their suggestions and feedbacks as per their experiences. Always welcome the criticism if any. Ask for their mobile number to keep in touch. Well, the journey does not end here.
If you feel that the customer has not visited you since long, send them the message such as “Hey, we miss you! Visit our restaurant again & avail 15% discounts”, Such enticing message will certainly create a strong bond and help you retain them. Moreover, with the automated modules, send the great messages on their special occasions along with the discounts.
This is known as a professional and remarkable customer relationship management. With this, people are bound to make a great bond with you and hence increasing the customer lifetime value.
Studies have proven that a loyal customer can increase your profits by 75%. Thus, do your best to retain them. Good Luck!