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Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Automation, Unprecedented experiences, Interactive ambience... Are we still talking about trends in the restaurant industry? If you happen to be in Dubai, we most definitely are! Yes, this dynamic future tech city has always been known for its swift adoption of trends in technology and innovation, but with a twist of course! Dubai certainly knows how to lead the pack when it comes to trying something new, fresh and sometimes even on the edge of bizarre.

Being a leading F&B market, Dubai is currently touted to become the top culinary destination in the world in the years to come and perhaps also among the early adopters of technology and concepts that engage the diner more than ever before. 

So, what are some of the leading customer experiences being served up in the desert city? We bring you the best to savor from: 

Interactive Dining tables

At Ebony Interactive Restaurant in Dubai, interaction with the wait staff is minimal, as diners can browse the digital menu, place their order, and watch chefs prepare their meal via ‘chef cams’ by using the touchscreen tabletops.

Underwater Dining Experiences

In Dubai, you can take a submarine elevator down to an underwater restaurant, the Ossiano at Atlantis, The Palm. This unique restaurant sees a refined dining area annexed to a huge aquarium teeming with sea life making the dining experience a truly memorable one!

Dining in the Dark

Noire at Fairmont Dubai is a pitch-black dining experience, as patrons in the restaurant get to taste and smell five-star gourmet cuisine without actually seeing what it is. The intensely dark setting enhances the taste buds and also creates a setting for stimulating conversations between guests & waiters alike.

Artful Dinner

The Switch Restaurant and Lounge at Dubai Mall, brings in the excitement of being inside a cocoon with its highly stylized walls that change color within seconds. The backlit ceiling artwork consists of stylized and inspirational Arabic phrases. The continuous wave seating provides an efficient and dynamic operating system within this lounge.

While all these are exceptional examples of how important the dining experience is, as a restaurant owner, you can certainly see that adding value isn’t limited to just the food that you serve.

Today, your restaurant needs to have an eclectic mix of flavors and flare and of course technology that helps you reel your customer in. Especially in a hyper competitive market, it is essential to have a blend of automation and deep learning analytics that keeps your diners coming back for seconds and thirds!

And because not all of us can afford to have an underwater restaurant just yet, getting started on the smartest customer engagement platform is your best bet to win customer attention, loyalty and ultimately growth in today’s times!