Customer feedback – the procedure of obtaining a customer’s view about the business, product and service. It is the vital aspect of business ownership. It can help in improving and addressing the business as per the needs and wants of the customer.

Why is Customer Feedback Essential?

Suppose your restaurant business got off to a slow start because you are naïve in this business. You hardly have customers visiting your restaurant daily. In such a scenario, thinking about how to make your business profitable by keeping the customers happy and satisfied is normal. Now here comes the importance of the customer feedback.

Making the changes in your ambiance, service, hospitality, customer service and customer experience according to your customer feedback will make the business more successful. Unfortunately, these factors are usually ignored by the restaurant manager while they collect the feedback. It is a general misconception in the minds of the restaurateurs that feedback in the restaurant business is only related to the food they serve.

Customer satisfaction is an important factor to grow substantially in a business. However, it can only happen if you are capable in giving them a positive experience. Also, if your customers are happy they will return to your restaurant repeatedly and you can establish customer retention. Also, according to a research 60% of customers pay more for a better experience and eventually happy customers are more likely to remain loyal.

A restaurateur should make sure that his customers are happy from the moment they enter in your restaurant. From asking them what kind of seat they require to making them feel comfortable while dining, everything matters if you want them to get back home content and satisfied.

Now, feedback collection is itself a task, where possibilities of making mistakes can alter the feedback collected. So it is important to have practice the right approach which will have a positive in collecting feedbacks and insights.

So let’s understand and know the common mistakes that restaurant owners/managers do while collecting feedback.

  1. Taking feedback at the end

One of the common mistake that restaurant owner make is taking the feedback at the end when guest is at the exit. Instead, it is always a better idea to provide a digital feedback such as iPad to feed their experience before handing over the e bill. Also, asking politely about the experience with the food and service they had does make a great impact.

  1. Taking feedback when people are dining

Now who likes to fill any type of form when having food? It’s a big NO. Let the customer first finish their food, have a great time with friends and family and later you can ask for their valuable feedback. Asking to feed the opinions in the middle of the meals can only create negative impression about your staff.

  1. Interacting with only one person

Now this is important! Communicating with the person who has given the order is good, but it is essential that you give proper attention to one and all present at a specific table. Make sure you are ask each diner about how there experience about your services and food While only a single person can help you fill the feedback form, but also asking other feedback will certainly make a positive impression.

  1. Taking feedback and not implementing it

Listening to your customers is the only way to guarantee that you will create a service that they actually want to have. Unfortunately, most restaurant owners happily take the feedbacks from the customers but do not implement it. This practice will only make your customer unhappy. And if they get frustrated with your behavior, the chances of losing them are always high.

  1. No follow up

A good customer service always mean that you make your customer happy from the point they enter to your restaurant till they leave and even after that. If you are capable enough to implement changes given by your customer, it is must that you inform them. Be it with a social media, a message or even face to face if they visit you again. Such practice of customer service will always definitely help you retain more customers.

A recent study have showed that 73% customers avoid going to a restaurant where their opinions are not valued. Thus customer feedback is vital. It can manifest itself in evaluating how your restaurant keeps their customers satisfied. Additionally it also means you value their opinion and care about what they have to say. In short, it makes them feel like kings and queens, which is essential to grow your business.



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