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The only difference between good and great is that good is the enemy of great. There is a thin line of difference between good and great and often people fail to understand this line, consequentially they find good things as great things and that is one of the biggest and the most fundamental issue. Knowing how to run a business doesn’t makes you eligible to make it a great restaurant.

People who start their own restaurant and are working to glorify them lay their focus everywhere from A to Z and not merely on operating functions. Make a detailed list of things that you need to do and prioritize it according to their importance. Start with the most basic but crucial and gradually increase the magnitude and depth of the tasks.

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  1. Planning

    Anybody who is serious and passionate about making their restaurant a step upward will have a plan. This plan should not be a generic one, but in fact be a comprehensive outlook to any person. This may include cash flows, financing, and promotion so and so forth. Quintessentially, a man without a plan will wither away. It is a big monster that you want to capture and that requires a lot of dedication and planning.

  2. Research

Research is something that will give you your mind map of the means to the ends. Research, much like planning needs to be a comprehensive research taking every factor into account. Research will supplement your planning and both are interdependent on each other, if the research goes wrong, planning won’t be productive and if the planning goes wrong, research becomes irrelevant.

  1. Working environment

    It is your staff that will be in contact with the customers and it is your chef that will prepare the food for them, you as an owner have much less of a communication as compared to your staff and hence providing them with a pleasant working environment will lead you to have contended customers. They will translate their pleasantness and optimism to the customers and will have an extremely soothing experience.

  2. Proactive:

All your course of action won’t turn out to be the way you expected it to be, some of your actions might hit a wall and hence you will be required to make some adjustments and redo it. Being proactive will help you when such situations arise. You should hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.


  1. Unbalanced life

While it is important for you to ensure that your top priority is your business, this doesn’t allow you to neglect your health and your personal and social life. Balancing is necessary and if that is not done, even when your restaurant ends up to be where you wanted it to be, you still might feel like a loser.

  1. Over confidence:

This is exactly what I mentioned in the start of this article; people confuse good with great and hence become over confident. This is like digging a grave for your own restaurant. You should be happy that you’re restaurant is doing well, but this happiness should be a motivation for you to take your business to the next level.

  1. Wrong timing

Greed has never done good to anyone. Everything has right time. If you eat mangos before summer, it’ll be more sour than sweet. A lot of restaurants have lost their identity and have perished because they wanted to sail too fast in the storm. Speed is a good virtue, but a man who runs with a calculated speed is a winner.





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