With social media emerging as a new intricate marketing tool, you must have heard several restaurant success stories associated with it. However, now it’s time to take a plunge into the most honest challenges that no one tells you about.

At least 2.307 billion people are active social media users around the world. From this number we understand that how annoying and baffling it would be to navigate the world of social media management.


Challenge #1: No Time to Manage Social Media

Well, we all know the importance of social media. It is helpful in enhancing your restaurant brand without spending much fortune. Thus, it essential to give your quality time to create innovative post related to the industry and monitor the networks efficiently. This need not be a time consuming task. There are numerous way which you need to establish such as:

  • Preplanning the content and schedule it weekly to maintain a steady flow.
  • Using an AutoSchedule option. It will aid you in reaching out to the audience on your given time.
  • Hiring a professional who can work full time on social media. Since they are the specialist in this field, they can come up with the creative feed and then scan as well as engage the targeted audience.

Challenge #2: You will never know when your Customers will favor you

Every customer has different demands and expectations. You never know what they will like or dislike about your brand. It may be the menu, customer service, concept or the ambiance.

No matter what, there are high chances that a customer will share their experiences (positive or negative) on social media websites. Moreover, as per the studies, at least 75% people go through the reviews before visiting any new restaurants. So, it is vital to be very prompt and focused on these platforms.

If you get any negative feedbacks from your customer, apologize immediately and convince the guest that you will improve in the weak areas; whereas on a positive response always thank and encourage a guest to share their experiences with the near and dear ones. This is one of the excellent ways to enhance your brand presence without much hassles.

Challenge #3: What is the Best Time to Post Content and Engage Audience?

To know the best time to post content on the social media platform, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • The geographic location: to get the most value of your post, you should keep in mind your as well as the targeted audience’s geographic location. It is because if you are in India and targeting the audience of The United States, you need to match their time. However, if you want to target customers of India, most people are active after during the lunch hours that is between one to two and after six in the evening because they are mostly free while returning home from their job and relaxing. This is when you can take the most opportunity to connect with them.
  • Social media engagement: Once you know the best time, you can start posting engaging feeds. For example, initiating conversations, playing contests and also give them useful tips.

If you are still confused with the exact timings, use trial and error method, where you can post content any time of the day and take note when your audiences are responding the most.

As we all know that the entire marketing concept has been changed with the introduction of Social Media. So, you need to build strategies that can help you generate more revenues. With these social media platforms, you are increasing the traffic and also enhancing the list of referrals.

If you have no idea where to start in social media, do not shy away in spending little money to hire an expert. They will make your profile unique and give your business brand a suitable personality so that a viewer can be more impressed.



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