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The hashtag (#) was invented by a social technology expert, Chris Messina with the purpose to discuss specific events and relevant issues online. Basically, it is a word or group of words written after the # symbol, especially designed for popular social media website – Twitter, in August 2007. However, it became a talk of the town when people started using #SanDiegoFire in October, 2007 to inform followers about the surrounding forest fires. Seeing this popularity among the users, hashtag was made compatible to use on other social platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook.

Today, hashtags can be said to be the novel way to share your voice. The good news is that, not only the common man but also the business marketers are considering this trend as a powerful tool to amplify brand awareness, get their content found easily and engage audiences online.

Now let’s get started on how to use hashtag for brand building:

Learn the general rules –

  • Use/create hashtags that are smaller and simpler to spell
  • Make sure that you create less but meaningful hashtags relevant to your brand
  • Keep an eye on the trending hashtags

Learn to integrate your brand into the social media empire with these strategies

  1. Create your Brand Hashtags

Create a catchy and unique hashtag with your company name or company tagline to make it easier for your customers to find you on social media. Moreover, it is a worthy procedure to spread a word about your brand among people without much effort.

However, make sure to include this signature hashtag everywhere – window decal of your restaurant, website and all your social media networks. It is because, the more your potential customers will see your hashtag, the simpler it will be for them to remember your brand and use it correctly to be a part of your community.

  1. Use Campaign Hashtags

To promote your brand it is must to involve the audiences in the events or campaigns that your company is running. If possible encourage them to use your hashtag with posts comprising their personal content. This strategy is also helpful for contests or special offers. It makes everyone understand the motto of your business. Also, this method keeps people getting engaged with you as well as your other customers throughout the campaign.

  1. Thoughtful Hashtags can make a Difference to your business

Hashtags that are meaningful and relevant to your brand can make a whole lot of difference to your business. For example #Foodporn, #Foodstagram, #Cleaneating are some of the popular hashtags to draw the attention of self-proclaimed “foodies”. You can also share the pictures of the delectable healthy dishes to leave all the mouths watering.

  1. Share your Work as much as Possible

Posting a tantalizing picture of a dish that is still being prepared in the kitchen with an innovative hashtag will make those internet viewers come running at your restaurant. Simply make sure that you are not fuzzy on these dietary descriptions before you post. Always spend time to search for relevant words so that people do not get confused with your dish. Moreover, an appropriate hashtag can avoid all the negative comments. So, be careful.

All these marketing strategies might look like a lot of headache, but do not fret! Using Hashtags in restaurant brand building strategy is a great way to share your voice with your customers. Applying relevant hashtags to your tweets will not only help you gain global exposure but also get new leads. So, all the very best for your hashtag marketing plan.




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