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In the age where the country aims to go digital and you are only digitally available, you know the conventional forms of marketing has only so much propensity to enable a significant audience. Blogging has evolved to become an inherent part of a sustainable and successful business. Bloggers are now being picked up not only by the entities in the digital marketing industry but have stepped forward vertically to include all the spaces and industries. Conglomerates have realized the results of the reach to huge masses through blogging.

Here we list a few of the virtues of blogging that can benefit your restaurant business and help you take it forward to the next level.

  1. Developing connection with your customers:

    As restaurants, you are not in continuous touch with your customers, neither existing nor potential and hence you need a platform and a tool that allows you to communicate with them on a regular basis. If you want to intend to interact with the readers, you can post questions and encourage a conversation in the comment section.

  2. Search Engine Optimization:

    SEO fundamentally means that you need to get your website as the most ranked websites amongst the results in Google. There is a simple logic for this, the more the content; greater is your probability to be displayed in results. If you lack in updating and uploading content your results will not be displayed in the first page of the result and you will lag behind because first page creates the traffic.

  3. Reviews:

A blog enable a greater traffic on your website and hence leads the people to give you feedback. Feedback is an essential tool, business becomes irrelevant without feedback. Feedback is something that brings you nearer to the consumers. Feedback essentially lists down the issues that the customers face or the changes that the customer would like to have. What could be better than someone coming and telling you you’re doing this wrong?

  1. Guest blogging:

    Guest blogging essentially means, posting some content by your websites readers. The idea is to encourage and motivate the existing readers to read more closely and even submit something. Doing so gives your restaurant a fresh perspective. It may not necessarily be related to any specific topic, as long as it is generic and related to the industry, you can put it up.

  2. Social Media:

    More than the viewership on the website, you have interaction on your social handles. When you post something on your blog, you should and you will most definitely post in on your social handles too. This in a way makes your social handles and blog indispensable and intertwined which is beneficial for you.

  3. Educate/Inform

A blog is an effective way to communicate the lessons and experience gained along the time by people who are senior and have seen the industry change its course and be the way it is now. Blogging allows educating and informing the readers. This, in a way becomes a reason as to why people would like to read your blogs.

  1. Newsletter:

Newsletter is one more way that allows you to stay connected to your existing and potential customers. Newsletters may be released on a weekly, fortnightly or a monthly basis. It can include the highlights of all the cool things occurring during the period, interviews with chef or some customer. You can also add a feedback form at the end with a discount coupon which will encourage them to subscribe and visit the restaurant.

The list may go on and on and you are the one who can distinguish the way you use content and reap benefits out of it. If you are still not convinced about what magic little efforts through a different channel can may result, the competition will anyway make you wither and for the rest of you smart people, there couldn’t be any better time to ensure that you have leveraged out the benefit of the free website trial that Mobikon currently is offering. It’s a limited time offer!. Go ahead and have a look at what Mobikon is offering apart from its mEngage, mFeedback and other products and services that would help your restaurant business too.





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