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Restaurant marketing

It is thrilling to see how technology is transforming the hospitality sector. Having changed every aspect of current-day living, technology is continuously and significantly reforming the food industry. It is the one responsible for bringing in various innovative elements such as targeted social media campaigns, digital menu boards, online ordering apps, etc. in the restaurant industry. This shows that technology has completely taken over or at least has an extremely wide reach in the food sector. There are already restaurants and clubs that provide customers with the facility to sign credit card bills with their fingers on touchscreens and use apps to order food and drinks.

Some of the innovations that many restaurants have adopted are:

  • Mobile ordering
  • Feedback & reviews
  • Online offers and coupons
  • iPad order kiosks
  • Tabletop ordering & self-checkout
  • Digital menu boards

And, these technologies have helped the restaurant industry grow on a large scale and continue to do so. Do you know how?
Well, listed below are 5 ways that the modern day technology helps restaurants in attaining success:

  1. Improving guest experience

Mapping out the dining experience of your guests should be the ultimate goal because it helps you understand where you are lacking and thereby lets you work on improving your services. Tabletop ordering and self-checkout methods have reduced wastage of time for diners who had to wait for waiters to take their order and then later get a check.

  1. Getting quick feedback and reaching new diners

In store and online reviews and feedbacks have made a huge difference when it comes to the restaurant industry. Such feedback is quick and easily accessible as well as actions can be taken accordingly. Making your restaurant visible online also helps reach new diners looking for a great dining experience. Thanks to technology, you can get your restaurant listed on apps where diners search for restaurants and eateries.

  1. Providing platforms for engaging with guests

Social media is the biggest and best platform for restaurants willing to reach their audiences. You can find customers or rather the customers can find you on social networking sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Engaging with guests over social media is simple and exciting. You can share the story behind your restaurant with them and also introduce your team for building loyalty.

  1. Building the best team

No business can grow without the combined efforts of an efficient team. Technology not only helps the restaurant industry build loyal customer base, but also a team which is responsible for the business’s success. Like restaurants can reach customers, they can also use technology to get in touch with talented people looking to work in the industry.

  1. Turning first-time guests into regulars

The restaurant business grows with repeat guests and regulars. And, guests visit again if good hospitality is delivered. Making guests feel valued gives restaurants the ability to offer amazing guest experiences every time. However, don’t forget to get in store  feedback from them which will help you have their contact details and instant comments. Now-a-days restaurants use iPads and tablets instead of printed forms to get feedbacks and thereby collect data which makes data collection clutter free. The data provides the insights about customer experience and could be monetised in future with marketing programs.

So, when restaurants make use of technology to serve their guests, a lot of time and energy is saved which can be used to improve the services they are providing their guests. This in return helps the restaurant industry get loyal customers.




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