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While starting a new restaurant business is always a thrilling job, it requires a lot of hard work, determination and learning. Moreover, a restaurant owner should always be updated with new strategies to find new customers and retain the old ones. While the recent analysis shows that 60% of independently owned restaurants fail within the first three years because they lack in improving their visibility on online platforms, it has become extremely essential to begin business and grow exponentially with online ordering. It will definitely help in building your brand recognition across the web, thrive in new digital economy, and find new customers that keep coming back.

In short, digital accessibility can make all the difference in keeping your restaurant really busy year round. If you are still wondering how, let’s take a look at five reasons how online ordering can boost your restaurant business.

  1. Acclaimed by Masses

Online ordering have certainly simplified the lives of the customers. When you are too busy or bored to cook a meal for yourself as well as for your loved ones or you have called your friends over a birthday party, ordering food online will always be a great choice for you. You can open a restaurant’s website and get all the foods that you want, delivered at your house in no time!

Studies have also showed that about 69% of customers order their food online, thanks to the smartphones and tablets! Today, most people have an access to internet 24 hours, thus making it quick and easy to find specialties of the restaurant and ordering it with a click of a mouse.

  1. Order Accuracy

One of the biggest complain of the customers is that restaurants making mistakes in placing the right order or delivering it to the wrong address. However, these errors generally happens in phone conversation due to the noise either in the restaurant or on the other end of the line.

This single mistake can frustrate a customer and they can spread negative word about the restaurant via social media. Thus, a business that engages in online food delivery needs to be exceptionally cautious. One of the excellent way to eliminate this error point is taking order online. Customers can easily customize the menu items in the comment message box that is part of the online order form. It will unmistakably show how the customer like to receive that item and restaurants don’t have to worry about being inaccurate with orders.

If your customers are happy and satisfied with your service, they are bound to remain loyal to you.

  1. Offering Great Customer Service

When customers have a bad service experience with a restaurant, they don't just get mad but often share it with their friends and family members. If worse, they can vent their frustrations on social media websites by giving negative feedbacks so that entire world can see. Moreover, analysis have proved that 88% of respondents gets easily influenced by an online review when making a buying decision. Thus, this can decrease an overall sale of a restaurant and hampering the reputation.

Now, when we talk about online ordering, it lets a restaurant to place customer service at top priority. Usually, when a customer places an order, a person from a restaurant calls them to confirm it. Also a message and email is sent to them about the entire process such as preparing a food, dispatching it, total time to reach the destination as well as the name of the person delivering your food. Moreover, in between a customer can track their order and in case of any query they can reach out a restaurant with ease. Payment can also be done as per the customer’s wish – either online or cash on delivery (COD). This procedure is extremely simple. It makes sure that customer gets to enjoy food according to them.

  1. Cost Effective

The online ordering system is one of the cost-effective way to reach out to a larger audience base and in less time. Moreover it is free for both – restaurant as well as client. There is no commission or no setup fees. Customers just need to connect to your website to start ordering food.

However, do not think that online food ordering can make your sinking restaurant stay afloat. It is necessary that you improve the food quality, maintain high standards, give your customer choices and make them feel special with your amazing customer service. All these things together can make your business grow significantly and cost effectively.

  1. Building a Robust Data

The best thing about online food ordering is that, whenever a new customer places an order online, their names, email id and mobile number become part of a database. This can be used later to create a loyalty program and distribute any on-the-fly offers to generate business during slow periods or to avail direct attention whenever new menu are launched.

Online ordering is changing the way restaurants communicate with their customers. Improved accessibility permits hungry customers to order the way they want and when they want, using the device they prefer.

If you want your restaurant business to thrive successfully in this competitive digital world, make sure to have the best team and software on board that understands the customer's requirements as well as manages the restaurant efficiently. Considering all the above benefits, online ordering can be a great tool that can effectively bolster your restaurant's revenue.




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