[trx_quote style="1"]It won't be entirely wrong to say that if you are not present on social media, you don't exist in the vast labyrinth that is the internet. More than  a trend, it has become an obsession to share with the world about everything we do, everyone we meet, every holiday we take, every food we eat (well, almost every food). The growth and advancement in mobile technology has made it possible to document, share and even advertise every aspect of our lives.[/trx_quote]

Today, social media has become as good as a mirror for just about everybody. Menu log, said in their article, “How Social Media Is Changing the Way We Eat,” about the comprehensive existence on social media has in our life.  How Social Media Marketing can Help Restaurant Business-1

A  recent survey on social media found that 54 % of people between the age group of 18-24 take pictures or have taken a picture of their meals, while eating in restaurants, and around 39% of them go ahead and post it on the social media.

This speaks volumes about how people are not only regularly visiting social networking sites but to a large extent are addicted to social media. Everybody wants to appear soacially suave and take care of their social quotient.

So how does this affect your restaurant business?

Encouraging and enabling the use of social media in your restaurant business could bring you  into the notice of a larger audience. Everybody likes to be a part of the exciting new things that people post and share online. If what your restaurant serves is pleasing to the eye and has the potential to make the person in question look a hero on social media, chances are good that the customer would click a selfie perhaps, and post it on social media. Simply serving good and delicious food is no longer the sole prerogative of a restaurant owners and managers, the food also needs to be presented in a manner that make the customer go "WOW."


Who does not like something for free? The next best thing to getting things for free, is to get it in discount. Restaurants, not only those who are up and coming but also the well established ones offer exciting and appealing discounts and offers to their patrons who write a review or a feedback on Facebook or share their dining experience on Twitter. This is one of the most effective marketing technique, many restaurants are implementing successfully.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Like everything else, social media too has its risk and negative aspects. A restaurateur or a manager should be confident and well equipped to handle any negative comments made on social media. You should be ready with a plan because if there is but one spark of anger on social media, and is not taken care of soon, it will grow out of proportions and it won't be much before the figurative "droppings hit the fan." Engaging your target audience on social media is not simply posting and sharing on your wall. It is the constant watch over the chatter and prompt and apt revert to comments or mentions, that make a brand successful on the internet.

There are a few excellent resources that can help restaurants manage their customer feedback and social engagement. mFeedback and mEngage are the two solutions offered by Mobikon that would help you in the entire customer lifecycle.

The truth about being antisocial is that, you miss a lot of conversations that are already being held by different people from different spectrum across the area on various platforms. This may cause you to lose an opportunity worth a whole fortune. The conversation is happening whether you like it or not and if you do not respond, it is not only your drawback but a point of leverage for your rivals. The best thing about being social is that if you do or deliver something exceptional, it will come out to the world. If you can grasp on this you are in fact driving the bus to your own destiny.

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