Sep 28, 2016 12:30:00 PM by Mobikon in

Social Media Marketing


Visual communication on social media - the act of telling your brand story through image / video. This is one of the most essential part of a digital marketing strategy one needs to have to run a successful restaurant business these days. Studies have found that at least 18 billion people are now active on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. This is more than 29% of the total world's population. By reading their daily posts and status updates you can actually get insights into their daily life.

Thus, one can safely say that with the invention of social media, the entire marketing landscape has changed drastically. Social media has certainly become a powerful tool to generate new leads without much hassle. Posting quality content with impactful images / videos can bring positive changes to your restaurant business.

Now let's take a deep dive on the importance of visual communication on social media.

  1. Visual Communication makes people remember you better
    Research have shown that we remember visual images much easier, faster and better than words. 65% of the world population is a visual learner. Any content that has moving or still pictures can make learning more fun and interesting. Our brain is far more engaged by graphics. Thus, adding images to your posts and tweets can help you connect with the customers easily and quickly. 
  2. Visual Communication to get Positive Reaction from Audiences
    Imagine this world without graphics, images and even colors. Think of a food menu online that has only words and prices. Obviously, it does not sound tempting, isn't it? Well, humans are known to rely on visuals more, in order to understand this world better. Therefore, it makes sense to add graphics and bright colors in every aspect of daily life, especially in food business. Visual communication can excite the perception filters of the targeted audiences, making it an effective tool in restaurant business marketing. If you are able to make your customer feel really good through your posts, remember they will surely desire to see more from you. Moreover, they will share those posts further with their loved ones making you tremendously popular on social media.
  3. Visual Communication to Boost Engagement
    In addition to remember your message, visual communication is also helpful in upping the engagement with the customers. One of the recent studies have shown that the company that updates it's content on a regular basis with visuals in the form of videos and photo albums can create up to 80% stronger engagement. Visuals not only tell your brand or product story efficiently but it also has a chance to go viral - it's simple fora person to like, share and respond to graphic content.

So how to deliver effective visual communication? 

  • Get creative: Update your Facebook and Twitter account with daily posts that has tantalizing food photos and videos. Nowadays animated slides are gaining immense popularity to enhance attention, re-attainment and engagement of your customers.
  • Don't get afraid to have fun: there is no doubt that most high impact images are those that has personalized touch of your company's motto. You can always play with it and try to add humor to get more attention from people.
  • Share relevant graphics: If your messages are appropriate in a graphic form, it will easily grab the eyeballs of the customers. Moreover, it will be easy for them to respond and share the content quickly.

In short, all the effective visuals can power up your communication, boost engagement and spark up your social media presence effectively. There is a strong proverb, "A picture is worth a thousand words" is rightly applicable here if you desire to run your restaurant business successfully. Taking full advantage of every chance to engage with your customers (existing and potential) and catching their attention will be yours first thing you have to do to boost sales.