What I have noticed is that restaurateurs spend time, energy and money in conceptualizing designs for the bar, architecture for the sittings, fixtures and furniture’s so on and so forth. Very rarely do restaurateurs spend productive planning in designing their menu. For those of them who do identify this as important, fail to achieve the most out of it. Barring the few who find this important, others hardly consider it important to invest time and energy in this area. What they fail to understand is that, nothing but the menu is something that never will go unnoticed.

You may have a friendly staff, a perfect timely service; top notch quality of food, reasonably good ambience, flawless seating but all of this may at some point of time might go unrecognized. The main idea of people coming into your restaurant is the food, everything else is secondary. Every person who comes in, takes a seat, the first thing that he would ask even before asking for water is a menu card. Many a times you might have come across messed up menus which feels like a rocket science to understand and you end up undecided cause the restaurant was unable to communicate the dishes to them properly. You wouldn’t want to be such a restaurant.

Following are a few important things that may help your restaurant in context of your menu designs

  1. Price

If your restaurant is one that is hard on pocket, this point may not really matter. This point mainly focuses on the restaurants which are mid ranged restaurant and are neither very heavy nor very pocket friendly types. Most of the people select mid-range restaurants to balance the ambience, quality and more often than not, the status quo.

The most ways in which you have notice a particular item in a menu mentioned in the following way:

Paneer Tikka                                                                                                      Rs 270
Paneer Buttermasla                                                                                        Rs 310

This places both the price and the rates in the same visible manner. The person who isn’t even bothered at the price at the time of entering into the restaurant will start calculating his bill amount. Instead of this, what some restaurants to is as follows

Grilled Chicken
( Served with pepper, sauce, mash potatoes,   caramelized onions & sautéed vegetable for Rs 395) See the difference?

  1. How well you place your items in the menu

If you offer only one cuisine which is not much likely, then you might have a small menu which may end in one or two pages. For others, the menu forms a 8-10 page booklet. Hardly anyone goes through it completely, instead the first, or last or the middle ones are the items which are mostly ordered. You can strategize on this and see what needs to be done.

  1. Shapes to highlight items and special dishes.

    If you have some specialities that you want the customers to order, you may use different shapes and objects to place those dishes in. Since they will be separate from the list people will be intrigued and may end up ordering it.
    The usual terms used in the restaurant are Snacks, Tandoor, or Fast Food, Beverages. Ditch all these words and find something more personal and more appealing. Using adjectives and some form of nomenclature will help your menu design to be different from others and also keep it away from being boring.

  1. Keep it short.

    You will definitely want to list down all the items that you offer, but you have to ensure that you do not make the menu too long. You can always cut down on items like water and may be cola as well because these are items which any restaurants have. Also, while you’re describing your dishes keep it short. A big description is a no no.

  2. Fonts

    Fonts cannot be ignored because if you mess up with the fonts, the customers will be unable to read and your employees will have to waste their time in explaining what’s written. Fonts should also be dependent on the types of customers that you are targeting. For instance, if the age group of people visiting your restaurant in around 45-50, they might need a normal bigger font; you won’t have a big window to make the fonts look fancy. Also the lights are an important factor while designing the menu.

We are sure that the aforementioned points might have given you enough insight and reasons to reconsider that menu of yours.




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