The restaurant business is essentially about how we make people feel. From the cuisine we serve, the recipes we create, the processes we polish, speed up and master and the ambiance that strikes just the right cord with our customers. It is all about “Is this making you happy?”

So it goes without saying that how your staff treats your customers is integral to the entire experience. It might not be an exaggeration to say that it’s perhaps the axle in the wheel of customer experience.

Starting from your valet, and leading up to the doorman, hostess, bartender, waiter & chef, everyone is making an impression and representing the core philosophy of your business. Here, it is absolutely important to note that as a restaurant owner, you have a deep influence on exactly how committed your restaurant staff is going to be in delivering a memorable restaurant experience every single day.

People of diverse backgrounds, circumstances and personalities will gather under the roof of your establishment to form your team. You have to teach yourself to motivate them in order for them to emboss the desired brand identity of your restaurant.  Here are some tips on getting the best out of your most critical resource :

Staff Training & Roles

The skill sets required by your front staff or your chef differs in nature. Well-defined training programs will keep the staff from feeling inadequate and dissatisfied in their assigned roles. Consistent & continuous orientation & training programs help set processes in place, minimizing human error, keeping the staff efficient and standardizing the customer treatment.

Build a culture of hospitality

Lead by example. A culture of hospitality is cultivated over time, and the top management is at the helm of setting the tone for the attitude of service & respect. Provide good working conditions with considerate scheduling and overtime policy. Keeping in mind the exhausting nature of their jobs, ensure there is enough rest for your staff. Motivate with rewards & public recognition. A longevity bonus & a clear hierarchy is certain to boost morale while alongside helping you beat the problem of high attrition rate of staff.

Encourage employee impact

Encourage your team to pitch ideas as well as provide inputs. Address problems tangibly by proposing solutions instead of letting them linger. Being in the frontline of the service, their inputs can be invaluable as they know what changes will help them do their job better. This approach gives your staff a sense of ownership cultivating a sense of responsibility towards the business and its direction.

Use latest technology

Advancements in restaurant technology is building efficiency & speeding up service. This boosts employee morale and a sense of pride in being a part of the establishment. In order for them to truly feel empowered, don’t just invest in the latest technology but also train your staff to incorporate them in the processes to be able to use them efficiently.

The productivity & efficiency of your staff is linked deeply to how happy they are, making all the effort you put into nurturing these relationships truly worth it. Studies prove that staff contentment has a direct impact on your restaurants customer retention rate. 

In order for your restaurant business to be truly impactful & a sustainable success, you need to cultivate a culture that prioritizes the incredible human element, which even has the potential to warmly compensate for a delay in billing or an order gone wrong.