Everywhere you turn, you are bound to see someone using their mobile phones for different reasons. With the advent of low price smartphones and cut-throat competition in Internet rates, more and more people are becoming net savvy. Mobiles are no more used to just text messages or receive calls, rather they have now become a necessity. In India, at least 70% people use their smartphones, especially to be online on various social media sites.

Here, we discuss a few simple but effective ideas on how to boost your restaurant marketing through social media platforms.

Social media platforms – The quick and easy applications to interact with everyone all around the world. It enables people as well as organizations to share, create or exchange information, ideas and photos to the virtual communities just by the click of the mouse.

Nowadays, social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are on a rise.

Demographics show that about –

  • 125 Million Indians use Facebook
  • 23.2 Million are active users of Twitter
  • 110 Million are active surfers of Pinterest whereas
  • 15 Million has their accounts on Instagram

These numbers show that social media platforms have now become extremely important to people. It is certainly changing the phase of business marketing. Restaurant owners should understand this and accordingly apply various strategies to enhance their business revenues.

This article comprises of few strategies that will help mark your social presence and boost your restaurant business to the fullest.

Gone are the days when people use to wait in long queues to taste the fantastic cuisines of their favorite restaurant. However, today, with the aid of mobile applications people can easily surf their website, check the latest scrumptious menu, take a look at the feedback of the people, order online, provide suggestions if any and avail discounts are given by the restaurant without wasting too much time and money. Moreover, if you have a good online presence, people can search you easily thus increasing the chances of potential customers.

The craze of social media is increasing day by day. Just imagine, people visiting your restaurant will post their selfies with a status “Best food to munch on”, you will avail many more potential customers. Thus targeting them with engaging strategies is now a must.

Here are a few simple suggestions on how to boost restaurant marketing through social platforms:

  1. Run contests – People usually get infatuated with the contest that helps them give best surprises and prizes. Since most people are in love with themselves, you can hold a competition saying post your selfies or photos with your loved ones at our restaurant, tag them and avail discounts on so and so menu. This can increase engagement on the page, thus generating more cash.
  2. Blog and Interact – Do you want to offer content in a more interactive and personal way? Well, then there is no other good way than blogging. It aids you to entice prospective audiences, provide information and drive traffic to your website.
  3. Build Social Networks – Building a strong social media marketing can help your restaurant listen to your customers. You can ask their feedbacks and suggestions and accordingly improvise your business. Having a great relationship with your customers by acting on their criticism immediately is important to grow the business effectively.
  4. Create powerful videos for YouTube – YouTube has more than 800 Million active visitors a month. Thus, it can be considered as a powerful platform for promotion. However, make sure that the videos you are sharing are unique with a keyword researched headline and a proper editorial message.
  5. Make your Website Mobile Friendly – Having a website that is mobile friendly is an integral part of any business. As access to restaurant applications continues to grow, restaurant owners should adapt all areas of digital marketing: engaging websites, mobile advertisements and mobile designed pleasant content with fresh photos and videos.

In this fierce competition, attracting customers have become truly difficult. However, if you are able to apply right strategies at the right time, you are bound to enhance your business without many hassles.  After all, studies show that the number of Internet user will double by next year.