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Festivals evoke a sense of celebration, where customers are more prone to giving in to indulgences & retail therapy.  As a restaurant owner, it’s the one time of the year you can easily aim for record-breaking profits with the right marketing strategy. So, what’s the secret sauce to success in the holiday season you ask? Here are some tips to help you get off to a great start and ensure you earn maximum profit!


Start Early

The holiday season is perhaps the most awaited one, where people get in a celebratory mood and get-togethers are on an incline. Start early to boost holiday sales. Set up pop-up food stalls in popular shopping areas to promote your holiday specials on weekends. Or you can also promote special holiday offers online and design special holiday gift cards for the approaching festive season.


The More the Merrier

Designing offers that encourage recipients to bring business associates, friends & family with them will extend the holiday sales bonanza. Promote offers on friends and family dinners and incentivize the loyal diners with discounts on holiday season referrals. You can even offer two-for-one incentives on weekdays, this will certainly boost your in-house dining as well as online orders.


Go Festive

An elaborate menu, special treats, organizing entertainment and decorations are a must do during the festive season. Ensure the items that resonate with the festival appear on your menu. Incorporate fun ideas to truly heighten the holiday mood. Seasonal messages on takeout containers, staff outfits in sync with the theme, candles, cards, painted windows and holiday themed contests are just a few such ideas. You can also increase your bakery sales with indulgent cookies, pies, brownies or éclairs packed in attractive gift baskets and boxes.       


It is a time to feel treasured

Centre promotions around making your customers know how much they matter. Extending hours of operations, hosting a party for your customers, signature welcome drinks, presents or a loyalty incentive giving a free meal after a set number of meals will certainly increase patronage with regulars.


People feel charitable during holidays

The holiday season often makes people think of those less fortunate. A charity fund raiser or supporting a cause by giving a percentage of your sales will help you find common ground with customers, both new & old, who are seeking like-minded businesses to associate themselves with. This will help you get big promotional benefits and also work to build an image for your business.    


Create a festive and welcoming ambience in your restaurant, well in advance, and promote your offerings through traditional advertising, social media marketing & website to remind your customers of you as soon as they start thinking about making their holiday plans.

Holiday season can be a good time to not only to reap in more sales, but to also include menu changes, push party bookings, build an image for yourself and show off what you can do best for your customers, both new & old.  

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