The generations going out and the one coming in,  are dramatically different in the way they  seek and consume new experiences and stimuli. The same goes for the food they eat as well.

While Generation X, predecesors to the current generation, has seen an evolution of the palate with global chains dominating their prime years, the Millennials, follow a number of different food fads altogether! Not only do they want global food experiences and immerse themselves in local ones as well, but they also want to click, share and engage in conversations about the food they eat.

What makes the Millennials such a formidable force?

  • Ethically diverse, they are adopting and incorporating eating habits and food trends from around the world.
  • Internet makes them aware of global food trends, influencing their dining & food habits. Their Spaghetti  Bolognese must taste the same in Sharjah, Mumbai or Manila, as it does in Italy & should be paired with the right red wine.
  • The exposure to unprecedented knowledge of food has led this Millenial generation to develop habits, likes and dislikes unique to themselves, thus shaping the food trends in today’s age.
  • Most Millennials, fall in the age group of 19-36 years olds, a segment which dines out pretty often. Making it extremely crucial for restaurants to keep up with the trends they are shaping.

So what are these food trends? Let's take a look!

Local Food

Being a well informed lot, the Gen Y likes to know where their food is coming from & how it is prepared. Having an incline towards organic and locally grown food has led to a rise in the number of Farmers market and also established changing trends on procurement and processing of food items.

Food Trucks

Short on time with much to accomplish, the Gen Y often prefers a quick bite over a 3 course meal. A fun experience, maybe a unique cuisine on offer, and great quality drives their food experience. This desire to make their dining experience interesting has given a boost to the food truck phenomena.


Spoilt for choice, and bombared with new tantalizing choices, the Millennials look for multiple choices rather than compact menus.

Healthy Food

According to a report from the Nielsen Perishables Group, 30 percent of Millennials eat food that are certified as organic. No surprise then that the National Restaurant Association, in its 2013 National Household Survey, found that 81% of the adults who were surveyed, thought that there were more healthy options available on the restaurant Menu’s than there was 2 years ago.


This 24/7 technology consuming generation uses Social Media and Mobile Technology platforms for just about everything; doctors, travel or even tarot reading. Interestingly, as per the YAYA connection, 65% of social media conversations are about ‘where to eat out’. No wonder that most businesses are sitting up and fast learning the skills of engaging with Gen Y through technology.

Handmade Alcohol 

Going organic & home grown for Gen Y is not restricted to the food alone. The demand for new flavors and Craft Beer is on the rise, making the inclusion of craft beers to the menu the need of the hour.

The Gen Y is making their preferences clear, constantly setting new trends & benchmarks and doing away with complacent restaurant businesses quicker than we can blink. So set your plate for an instaready moment every time and engage your way to success!