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The booming presence of the internet and the ground-breaking innovations in technology provides the consumer of today an abundance of information on your competitors, your products, your reviews, as well as the new attractions available in the market.

It is obvious then that marketing strategies should be built around customer loyalty, in other words, customer loyalty should be the new marketing strategy.

Top notch cuisine, great chef, impeccable wait staff, entertainment which is the talk of the town and a dreamlike ambiance are the tangible elements of your service standard. Today, let’s talk about the intangible; the elusive, abstract element of service which is responsible for the shift in your customers’ hearts, taking them from feeling mere loyalty to downright love for your restaurant.  

Sometimes, slowing down is a good thing

When building customer loyalty, speedy customer exit & turning tables should not be the focus. Service delivered at impressive speed may hinder the quality of interaction. Slow down. Introduce yourself and have a conversation. This humanizes your business, keeping it from becoming a faceless entity.

Stand for something that matters

To connect with your customers, shared values are by far the largest contributor to brand loyalty. According to a survey conducted by a global best practices insights company, customers stated they were not loyal to companies but to their beliefs. It’s not important for your belief to be grand, but it should resonate with you.

Invest in ‘Frugal wows’ to create positive moments

Thoughtful, unexpected gestures that evoke positive customer reactions don’t cost much, but will go a long way in creating valuable memories for the customer. A random discount coupon or a surprise upgrade can go a long way, triggering a psychological effect of reciprocation & warmth towards your brand. A Washington based restaurant, Sweetgreen, decided to cover bicycle seats with shower caps when it rained and also tucked a gift certificate underneath, sweeping their customers off their feet. The sheer good intention behind such a gesture is sure to win your customers’ heart.

Be Transparent

Your customers will find it easier to connect with your brand if you communicate often. Engage in conversation that includes more than just promoting your restaurant and encourage feedback. Feedback helps you understand the likes and dislikes of your customers, helping you create the best practices for your brand.

Creating a customer-focused culture in your restaurant is an endeavor that must start at the top to be imbibed by your team members and into the work culture. Customer service which focuses on customer loyalty is cost effective and a brilliant marketing opportunity.

This is where the booming presence of the internet is harnessed by leading businesses as an opportunity and not as a threat. Today, all your customers are online and you need to ensure your business is present and visible in this market.  

Mobikon helps your intangible marketing treasures take a clear form. Engage and communicate with your online customers with ease & expertise. Let customers know that they matter with intelligent marketing campaigns, social media marketing and feedback strategies. Acknowledge & wish them on the milestone events in their life, know their preferred items on the menu and pamper them as they wait for their table.

Ask Mobikon about the wide range of products available today & prepare to lead the charge for great service.

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