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According to the National Restaurant Association, more than one-quarter of American adults celebrate Mother’s Day by dining out. This and Valentines Day make for the busiest days of the year for restaurants.

Since this day is celebrated all around the world, families go out of their way to splurge and make the women in their lives feel extra special. So how do you stay relevant through these important dates and how do you make these families choose your restaurant for their special meal? Make Mother’s Day a full house affair for your restaurant with our special tips.


Create a Mother’s Day Special

There is so much you can do with a specials menu with attractive cocktails or beautifully created desserts. Remember to put some thought behind it and be creative. Pay back the moms for the whipped cream smiley faces on our pancakes, and show your customers that your heart is in the right place.

Offer Promotional prices

Think special discounts to the ladies at the table, a free drink, a discounted dessert! Offering a little extra something will go a long way and every time they fondly recall the memory of their special day, they will surely remember the service at your restaurant.

Advance Campaigning

Running a special campaign a week before Mothers Day will not only ensure that the reservation line is ringing but will also give you ample time to anticipate and prepare for the number of guests you can expect on that day.

Special Offers

Use this special day to treat your customers not only with discounts but also with thoughtfulness. For regulars, this could be ensuring that their favorite meal/drink is served complimentary, based on feedback data that you have collected. You could also reserve their favorite table or serve a complimentary dessert at the end of the meal.

Think through the details

Think through your special promotional offers well in advance and make sure that your customers are aware of them. Use ‘Push Notifications’ on your Restaurant App to remind people of your offers throughout the week prior to the day.  Be the top choice for that celebratory dinner by sending your timely invites.


Having a planned approach to big events and celebrations can not only make the meal a memorable one for your diners but can also ensure a long term engagement with those customers! To quote the famous saying, “A little effort can truly go a long way” when it comes to enhancing customer experience and winning loyalty.