When seated in your restaurant, your customers are a captive audience you can engage easily with. However, once your customers are outside the restaurant door, engaging with them becomes crucial, especially in today’s digitally driven world.

The Internet has opened up a plethora of possibilities for businesses to reach out to more customers effectively, but it has also made the landscape more competitive than ever before. It certainly will take more today, to engage with your customer than just offering appetizing food and great service. That’s exactly why you need to have your online marketing game on point. And the good news is, we can help you with some great ideas to get you started!


While we all are well-versed with the basics of online marketing by now, like creating engaging content & selecting great images, posting regularly on social networks, hosting events and floating loyalty programs, it’s time to take your online marketing skills a level up since the festive season is right upon us and celebratory meals & get togethers are the call of the day.

Strengthen your home base

Your website is the nucleus of your online presence and a way for you to be in control of your online business.

All social media marketing efforts should ultimately connect to your website and build traffic towards it. To put it simple words, your website is your store and social media is the platform where you are marketing that store. Hence, we advise that you maintain an attractive & responsive website, turning it into your strongest marketing tool.

Put your ear to the ground

Somewhere around the globe, people are talking about you. If you can utilize what is being said about you in the right way, it can turn into an important marketing tool. Always keep an eye out for press reviews, blogs and mentions which could be either positive  or negative, along with awards & recognitions.

  • Information is power: Use a review dashboard provided by tech apps to be aware of your customer reviews from all portals. Set up Google keywords to find mentions of your restaurant.
  • Capitalize on it: Your restaurant will benefit when you will share & repost rave review, mentions & achievements with your fans. This will not only boost morale but also build your brand presence and reputation. Interestingly, your restaurant can also benefit from your treatment of negative reviews & press. (Refer to our previous article for more on this)

Smartly market your smart menu

Your smart menu, when marketed right online, can steer your restaurant towards increased profits and an expanding client base.

  • Design an uncomplicated & intelligent menu which is easy to read, pushes profitable items, and shows high quality images of the real food you serve. It should be able to make intelligent recommendations as the user proceeds to place the order to promote cross selling.
  • A smart menu certainly helps in building your brand and increasing your fan base by appealing to your customers’ sensibilities. From time to time, introduce a special menu to provide variety or show your inclination towards ingredients which are fresh, natural, organic and/or locally produced. Use your menu to tell a story about your concept and who you are. An online menu can also be used to speak about preparation methods or to give your celebrated chef a special mention for his signature dish on the menu, instantly increasing your followers & fan base on social media platforms.

Online & social media marketing might seem like an additional task and one that demands constant attention, however, the opportunity to speak directly with your existing and potential clients can be truly priceless for your business while building a loyal customer base and keeping them happy and engaged.