In today’s digital world, “out of sight, out of mind” is perhaps a bigger truism than it has ever been. Information is being disseminated and consumed online faster than the speed of light. Be it news, transactions or entertainment, if it’s not online, chances are it landed in an information black hole, with little to no visibility. And with the growing adoption of mobile digital devices such as smartphones & tablets, information is being accessed by your potential customers even on the go! So how are you preparing your restaurant business for the “connected customer”?

The Online Diner

Whether one is looking to order in or dine out, the first step a customer is likely to take is go online to find a restaurant and read the reviews, along with checking the menu to map their preferences. Needless to say, if you are not present online, you will lose that customer at the first click! Making your online presence crucial, not just with the basic contact information but by putting your best foot forward in the form of an “online menu”.

Here are few reasons why you need to have one to increase your restaurant sales:

While having an online menu has the obvious benefit of mass reach, it also optimizes efficiency and attracts more diners -

  • Speeds up the ordering process
  • Orders can be accepted from multiple platforms simultaneously
  • Millennials prefer establishments that have a technology presence
  • Increases customer engagement by providing recommendations and reviews of the food on your menu and even allowing instant customization of food items

If you already have the basics of an online menu, as mentioned above in place, then the next part of this blog is for you. Your online menu should work as a great marketing tool to increase sales for your restaurant business. It is by far the most powerful communication tool in your arsenal and not merely an itemized list of dishes, ingredients and their prices. An effective menu reveals the personality of your business, upsells your dishes and connects with your customers, planting the seeds of loyalty.

To create such an irresistible menu, we suggest that you:

  • Have a mobile-friendly design that allows efficient browsing
  • Constantly update your menu to keep things fresh & tempting
  • Use attractive designs & visuals
  • Manage inventory to take down the unavailable items in order to avoid customer dissatisfaction
  • Use enticing words to describe your dishes, build a story about them and state the ingredients used
  • Add reviews and ratings around popular dishes on your menu
  • Promote profitable items by categorizing them as your specialty
  • Put prices at the end of the menu description so that the customer craves for the dish by the time they reach the end

Alongside, avoid the following menu mistakes

  • Don’t have too many images - Attractive images catch the eye and sell your items better, however having too many images in the menu will take the attention away from the ones you really want to sell.
  • Don’t make spelling errors or typos. It makes your customers suspect your ability to prepare the dish
  • Don’t have too many choices of cuisine/dishes as that confuses your customer

In a market saturated with digital solutions, it is pertinent for busy establishments to constantly live up to the expectations of a customer base in search of great experiences with the utmost convenience.

An easy to use online menu tool will help you do that. It should enable you to deliver a professional looking menu in minutes with great visuals, easy updates with last minute substitutes, rotating seasonal or even daily specials, and highlight your high-profit items in a timely manner. It is without a doubt, the need of the hour for every restaurant business.

A genius menu, created with intelligent thinking, when broadcast simultaneously over multiple platforms, can spell the difference between existing & thriving.  

Does your menu meet all these criterias and more to ensure an increase in sales?

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