We live in an era where apps dominate our interactions, information and transactions to a large extent. And with the growing base of smartphone users, one can expect the world of apps to expand too. Today, almost all business, however small or large have a mobile app that helps them manage and engage with customers. However, the true power of the app and by extention an opportunity for smart mobile marketing has emerged only recently with one of the most powerful tool at a brands disposal in the app arena – Push Notifications!

The elevated experience

Push notifications became a game changer in 2015, when it shifted from being generic to segmented, which targeted users based on their preferences. This increased the user interaction with the app by a great margin. Strategic push notifications, if used correctly, can improve customer retention, engagement and experience. According to a study, 29% of people use push notification to stay up to date with the products and services, while 50% use it to get access to special offers and discounts.

Still need us to make a case for push notifications for your restaurant business? Then here are some compelling reasons to consider this marketing feature for your business:


Increased Traffic

Push notifications help initiate interaction through the topic of the message. According to a survey, 43% of consumers said that they were more likely to use a mobile app when push notifications were available. The best way to leverage and use push notifications to your benefit is by saving the data, likes and preferences of your customer  and sending only relevant push notifications. The customer will acknowledge and appreciate that you remember their preferences, and will most likely notice the push notification. As for irrelevant push notifications, they get ignored as they hold no importance or significance to them.

Geographical Advantage

One of the biggest advantages of push notifications is that you can customize your alerts based on  location. This means sending customers relevant alerts on discounts, specials or about upcoming events at your restaurant and more. When push notifications are targeted and are relevant, they are likely to yield better results for your business and also ensures better customer engagement.  

Get Insights on Customer Behaviour

Apps give you an opportunity to gather relevant data about your customers and help you gain deep insights into their preferences based on their history and selections while engaging with your app. Push notifications can have an analytic tracking system for messages, duration of visit, analyzing the type of device, platforms and for understanding situations which initiate the most engagement.


According to a survey, 70% of consumers said that in-app push notifications were helpful. However, with the influx of apps in the market, people are not going to keep your app if it’s of no use to them. Thus, by sending them push notifications about what’s new, specials, and other categories, your app remains relevant to them and keeps up with their changing tastes and preferences.


Push notifications are a mobile marketing tool, which when used effectively, can help businesses immensely, and when used randomly, can drive customers away. Which side of the scale would you rather tip? We don’t need a notification to guess your pick!