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How did the Restaurant Loyalty Programs Evolve

Restaurant Loyalty Programs - a Great way to build a sustainable Food Business!

Empty seats in a restaurant? A complete No-No. A repeat and regular guest in a restaurant? Certainly yes! For years, restaurateurs and marketers are trying hard to get loyal visitors which will eventually aid them in enhancing the business effectively. So how is that achievable? Well, after an investigation, it was found that loyalty programs can give the better results.

The first stage in the development of loyalty programs came as punch cards. These business cards were stamped or hole-punched to show how frequently a visitor had gone to a particular restaurant. The best part was that after a specific visit in an eatery, the guests would get some kind of reward. This would attract them to come to a restaurant over and over, hence growing the business. Unfortunately, these cards caught an eyeball of several other business people making the strategy run dry.

The other feeble thing about this punch card was that there was no real way to track whether the cards were driving in more customers. Later, the evolution of digital punch cards merged every restaurant business into one identical card. While this was an awesome technique, the outcome was essentially the same as the earlier punch cards. The restaurateurs were struggling to keep up the pace with digital cards and slow in earning sufficient revenue. Moreover, they were running out of novel ideas on rewards to offer it to the guests which consequently made them lose business. This is the reason no guests were seemed to be excited enough to fill up their cards. Since the consumer demands had changed it was necessary to change the strategy as well.

Undoubtedly, this was a serious issue for every restaurateur.

In today’s competitive era, it is difficult to lose even a single customer. Thus, they were constantly thinking about the various loyalty programs that would help draw in their loyal customers. Later they came to a point where they decided that the reward given to the visitor should be personal and unique. This is where loyalty programs came into existence. Loyalty programs are not novelties and are exceptionally popular for restaurants around the world. One reason behind its popularity is increasing number of clients using mobile applications for restaurants. This is additionally one of the primary media for advancement of restaurant loyalty programs. Yes, this is a common technique and resulting in about 57 percent of guests to make their final purchase.

Regardless of which way the restaurateurs and marketers go, there are two ways that a restaurant can build income from existing clients:

  • Increase a guest’s visit to the restaurant
  • Increase the sum clients spend on their food

Indisputably, these are the simple yet effective tricks. The only thing that is essential is to make the correct decision. The right restaurant loyalty programs can aid get amazing results. Such as:

  • You enhance associations with your visitors.
  • You give the motivation to your clients to want to get something while visiting your eatery shop once more.
  • You can avail database of visitors.
  • Helpful in building brand of your restaurant.
  • Your restaurant turns out to be more competitive.
  • You profit.

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