Technology has become an integral part of providing good customer service. The restaurant industry is also being swept away by the rapid development in technology & inspiring innovations, which are redefining how businesses are run in order to set them apart from the crowd.

While running a successful restaurant business will keep your hands full, you may not have the time or the expertise to research the wide range of tech products available, which promise better ROI or customer retention or a booming brand presence.

From the unassuming operating systems and cashless payment solutions, to the robot revolution, zero human interaction kiosks and 3D printed food; technology in recent times has broken all barriers to enhance the dining experience.

As these advancements undoubtedly proceed to bring you more efficiency & profitability, the question for you remains; which ones are necessary to adopt right away and which can be categorized as probably non-essential in the running of your business?

Take a look at our technology checklist below to determine if your restaurant stands covered with the essentials:

  • Cloud-based POS software

A cloud POS system gives you more mobility and flexibility, as it can be accessed directly from the internet, using a web browser, giving immediate centralization of information.

Now, you can get updated sales, inventory, customer feedback and more, in real time, with a mere click of a touchscreen. Capture real-time data for real-time solutions for your restaurant business.

  • Web & Social Media Presence

Statistics from surveys conducted by the National Restaurant Association show that 88% adults check restaurant menu & reviews online before making their choice.  Social Media Marketing not only allows you to be found online by prospective clients, but also helps you engage with your existing clients. You can easily communicate with a large audience available online about your current campaigns & events in real time, which will help you increase sales and create brand presence.

A great article about you from a food blogger or a posted picture of your signature dish online can instantly increase your popularity, making Social Media presence a must.

  • Online Menu & Ordering System

Online food ordering is approaching half of the total delivery market, according to a study conducted by an investment firm in US, forecasting delivery to grow from $43 billion in 2017 to $76 billion in 2022.

In order to increase revenue for your restaurant business through this noticeable global trend, an interactive and attractive website accepting online orders, Facebook orders and aggregator sites are a must have on your checklist.

  • Rewards & Loyalty programs

Entice your loyalists & show them they matter with loyalty programs & rewards. Loyal customers not only buy more, but they also spend more per transaction and are much more likely to return to your restaurant.

Investing in restaurant technology that intelligently analyzes your actionable data will empower you to create better loyalty & reward programs as well as help you drive more effective targeted campaigns to push sales & engage with your clients.  

  • Reviews Dashboard

What is being said about you and how you respond to it determines the graph of your sales and must be taken seriously. Manage your online reviews by responding to feedback in time, doing damage control when necessary, making your guests feel acknowledged and heard. An easy way to make this all possible is by investing in a restaurant app that allows you to manage reviews from multiple platforms in real time.

New restaurants are opening every day, concepts are changing rapidly & menus are being rewritten with equal speed. Currently, customers have access to immense information about restaurants and will choose only the best.  Thankfully, the booming restaurant technology is here to help you accomplish that goal. Making use of the superlative tech solutions available today, you can stay efficient on the restaurant floor; serving the best food in the most efficient manner to your customers.

Your wait-list management, table turnover time and order management are just few examples where you will experience instant profitability owing to better efficiency. Alongside, incorporating & enhancing your online presence will help you gain visibility on social platforms.

It’s time you get the experts in the field of Restaurant Technology to guide you. For custom-made solutions for your business, reach us today!

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