For any restaurant owner, the act of finding new customers and retaining the old ones will always be on their top priorities. However, several businesses fail to understand that a good customer relationship does not end when a person exits from your restaurant. However, the real business value lies in the way you retain your customers and how you stay in touch with them.

Today, the face of marketing is entirely different from the way it was a few years ago. You need to be more innovative, engaging and understand the audience’s expectations precisely. If you master these approaches you are bound to achieve success easily.

This article comprises of seven innovative approaches to improve your customer connect.

  1. Customer Connect on an Emotional Level

Studies have shown that when your customers are connected with your restaurant on an emotional level, they will be 300% more likely to become your repeat customer.

So how to bond with them emotionally?

Well, the first and foremost thing to remember is that never take your customers for granted. They are the lifeblood of your business, so

  • Treat them with respect.
  • Also, keep in mind - your customers are always right. Never misbehave or take a drastic step to prove them wrong. It will only give negative impression.
  • Outperform by creating a memorable moment on a special occasion for your customers.
  • Learn to listen, like really LISTEN to your customers because it can revolutionize your business.

All these emotional approaches can build a long term relationship that encourages loyalty and improves revenues.

  1. Stay in Customer’s Mind – You will soon reach their Heart

In a marketing business, top-of-mind awareness can be the powerful tool and it can involve by regular communications. There are several strategies that can enhance your interaction with the customers. They are –

  • During any event in your restaurant or launch of new menu you can always reach out to your customers by direct emails.
  • Sending SMS if they are away from your restaurant for a long time can be a great way to let them know they are one of your VIP customers. For example, We Miss You, Where have you been? Get Flat Rs. 500 off on your next visit. Apply code xyz. These messages can enhance your relationship and bonding with the customers.
  • Online Social Media interaction is also a good way to let your customer know about your presence in social world. You can creative and unique contest or give your customer a chance to share their valuable experiences with your restaurant.
  • Sending time to time offers via mails or messages can also keep your customers glued with your brand.

All the above tips will keep your restaurant active in the minds of your customers. If they are impressed with these strategies and happy with your service, it will take no time to reach their hearts.

  1. Social Selling – Connect, Engage and Sell!

Today social networking websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are highly popular among people. Moreover, it is actively used by business owners to connect with their customers and promote their business. It enhances sales and discovers new prospects effectively. This type of selling is called social selling.  

Restaurateurs should not forget that customers have become more vocal than ever – be it positive or negative. Thus they should understand this customer’s power and use it in a right way. One can always engage them innovatively in a contests, ask their experiences, posts photos and accordingly provide them few offers such as 50% of on desserts or 25% off on their next purchase. It will make them happy and satisfied.

  1. Understand Customer Psychology, Behavior and Expectations

Every restaurant owner desires to get success in their business. However, this is possible if you have strong relationship with the customers. The secret to get instant positive response from consumers is by understanding their psychology, behavior and expectations. A restaurant owner should know how –

  • A customer thinks, feels and select between brands, products or services.
  • A customer feels comfortable (in a particular environment, ambiance or crowd).
  • A customer behaves when they get easy credits to avail their favorite menu.
  • A customer feels encouraged to spread positive recommendations to others.
  • A customer expects being happy and satisfied with the service provided after paying a handsome amount of money.

When a restaurateurs considers all these above points, he can exceed in his business. Though, it needs a little extra effort to create a raving fans who will be your repeated customers, but once you do that, you are bound to achieve your goal easily.

  1. Tell your Brand Story Effectively

Storytelling is an effective technique for building a strong relationship with your customers. Well, it’s not a fairytale but rather how your company or its product existed in this world. It also states who you are and what kind of services you provide to your guests.

Do not forget, the way you explain the compelling brand stories, more positively it will keep your customers connected with your restaurant. However, make sure that you feature a real situation and stories as much as possible. Moreover, it should be in a fresh perspective such as what is interesting about your restaurant or what keeps you unique from the crowd.

If the customers are convinced with your brand story, it is likely they will feel more connected towards your restaurant and services.

  1. Online Engagement

Technology offers business owners a chance to initiate contact with the lot of potential customers online. Unfortunately, several businesses fail to understand to engage their customers online and later experience failure. Some creative and effective engagements are truly appreciated by the customers. Here are few examples:

  • Keep Content Fresh and Unique – When you build a community on any social networking website, you should always proactively create content that is fresh, unique and interesting. You can ask simple questions about any restaurants in this world. If they are getting answered, it is a good sign. It will keep your customers engaged.
  • Give your new members a warm Welcome – Whenever a new member enters your community you should always welcome them by explaining the overall purpose of this community. You can introduce yourself, share the profile and also ask them to interact with the other participants.
  • Hold a Contest – Who does not enjoy getting free stuff? Of course, we all do. Take advantage of this and hold an exclusive contest for your dearest customers. It will not only grab attention but also engage them by participation. Another valuable idea would be photo tagging contest or hosting a vote. You can offer them few gifts and discounts if they win.
  1. Keep Surprising Your Customers through Great Offers

The most popular way to surprise your customers is by giving them huge discounts and offers when they are least expecting it. Be it their birthday, anniversary or launch or your new product, you can always send them a direct email or message to avail these offers. An exclusive offer with creatively written content and drooling images will make them enticed to response.

Everything starts and ends with your customers. Thus, keeping them happy and satisfied is your responsibility. You should be well aware what they expect and want to change within your restaurants. Listen precisely as it will change the value of your business. All the above approaches will help improve your customer connect thus growing effectively in it.



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