Singapore loves its food, and Singaporeans love to eat out! So it’s not surprising to learn that the country’s food and beverage industry contributes to an estimated S$14.4 billion to its GDP. Now that is a sumptuous share by any measure! But there is another thing that Singapore is even more enthusiastic about – the latest technology.

Known as one of the fastest growing technology hubs in Asia, Singapore is home to many innovators and startups looking to create path breaking technologies that will most likely change the way a particular industry operates.

The Perfect Marriage - Food & Technology

With two of Singapore’s biggest industries coming together, there is indeed a lot of excitement in the food industry, and it’s not just coming from the kitchen. Restaurants today have become experience zones; moving fast on the technology uptake and elevating customer engagement and interaction. Wondering how? Let’s site some trends we already see becoming common place in this fast paced city:

3D Printed Food

It isn’t very far off in the future that you will see someone enjoying a delectable 3D printed dinner. While 3D printed edible ingredients are still in the exploratory stage for food companies in Singapore, they are more likely to be seen in the near future. For instance, Singapore’s Food Innovation Research Center (FIRC) is designing and developing 3D printed meal solutions for the silver generation to maintain balanced, physiological functions such as mobility, visual or brain health.

Artificial Intelligence in restaurants

Reading the menu on tablets is a common sight in many restaurants, but in the near future, restaurants will start using chatbots on their apps and websites for making dinner reservations. They will use automated workflows to deliver dinner orders to the chef in the kitchen without the waiter noting it down.

Drone Delivery

Timbre @ The Substation has already created waves with its plate carrying drones in the restaurant. This has helped its waiting staff to spend more time with customers, listening to crucial feedback and creating more opportunity for engagement. We can see drones taking over the home delivery network in the near future in this high-tech city too.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

In the recent times, restaurant owners have developed a preference for collecting data on all their customers. Why? Because it helps them understand their customer better, and thereby their tastes and preferences with regards to food and ambience. In the near future, getting more customer information will also be critical to drive more targeted campaigns and ensure business growth. Customer loyalty will depend on the experience a particular diner has with the brand even before he has set foot in the restaurant. Personalizing a dinner experience for a customer will also be possible once restaurants have more customer data through the technology they use.

Clearly, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Over time, we are likely to see technology deeply integrated with the food industry in order to help restaurants in the following ways:

  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Generate more Revenue
  • Ensure Loyalty
  • Differentiate themselves from Competition

But above all, it will help restaurants to do what they do best; help serve their customers the best food they can.