Social media is not a temporary thing, in one way or the other it is going to stay. It has to a certain extent become an inherent part of innumerable businesses, and hence, every business should be willing to optimize the use of social media and use it to their own benefits. Quite often people misunderstand social media to be a replacement of the way marketing was done till now. Rather than considering as a complete substitute, it should be looked at as convergence of traditional marketing with the modern day use and impact of social media.

A lot of people believe that the social media is a good tool to approach and engage the audience at large, but it doesn’t deliver much when it comes to niche markets, another set of believes we often come across are that people see necessary updates and uploads as a setback, they see it as negative impact or a desperate attempt. Others look at it as a lighter version of spams, and all sorts of seemingly appalling ideologies.

Several studies have been conducted in this regard and we’d like you to give you an insight on how much does social media makes a difference in your marketing results

  • Population to the extent of 49% uses social media to search for restaurants.
  • In US, a survey suggests, that 81% people were influenced by their friends regarding their choice of restaurants through social media.
  • About 15 Million customers visit the social media before making an informed decision.
  • 71% of the customers buy products and avail services based on social media referrals.
  • More than 50% of the people on social media accept promotional offers, offers, and discounts.

Given such figures and statistics it is only unreasonable and unjustified to not only to be absent on the social media, but also not utilizing it to their best potential. This strongly implies that restaurants unlike conventional times cannot control the customers in conventional forms. As already mentioned, this doesn’t mean that social media will become a substitute. If you have a good customer base already, those customers must be talking about your restaurant. You cannot connect to them, you cannot engage with them and that is why social media becomes extremely important. You cannot directly control what customers are speaking about you, but you can influence what they talk outside about you.

The people who forecasted the transition to the mobile internet in 2013, have now identified that the next big thing is supposed to be videos, preferably short videos. Videos can be shared across all platforms with quirky captions and taglines. The video could be anything, maybe something related to the kitchen hygiene, or an interview with the owner, or a conversation with the chef, life at restaurant, so on and so forth. This is an extremely productive way to reach our potential customers.

Quite often, the significance of generating database overtime has been under rated or is not considered at all. A part of the world thrives on the customer database and the other part still doesn’t understand how increasingly imperative is it getting to create a database and use the meta data to reach to a larger specific audience. It is always said, it is much harder to get a customer than to keep one, and this by no way intends to undermine the significance of maintaining a customer. Having a database will only help you to serve your customers better. The entire idea of having a website or promotional discounts is to appeal customers and create a database, but unfortunately this domain is highly untapped.
It becomes imperative for anyone to understand the impact of social media and to realize if you don’t use or in fact don’t optimize the usage of social media, your restaurant will ultimately perish and it won’t take too long.




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