While starting a restaurant business is exciting, it is also one of the toughest job to drive it successfully. There is so much more taking place behind the scenes than just offering lip-smacking food and pleasant services to the customers. Moreover, when it comes to sustaining in a fierce competitive market, you need to stand apart from the crowd.


So what is the master recipe for a successful restaurant business?

Well, the answer is simple. While preparing any tempting recipe you need to focus on three things – Ingredients, Process and Presentation. Likewise, you also need them to achieve your goals in restaurant business and surpass the expectations of the customers.

So, what are the ingredients and how you can bring them together and make a restaurant business successful.

  1. Ingredient

The best ingredients of the successful restaurant business are their chefs and staff.

Their importance –

  • Chefs – They play a critical role in a restaurant because they are the ones who are in charge of all the kitchen operations. From creating innovative and flavorful menu to up scaling the meal presentations, chefs handles all the work with utmost care and precision.

Moreover, the right chef can deliver a high quality product while increasing your clientele. In addition, they ensure that duties of those working below them are carried out to the fullest of their potential. In case of any major issues in the kitchen, chefs have the capability to resolve them as soon as possible.

  • Staff – A customer can have fantastic experience with your brand, if they come across a helpful and interactive staff. Thus, it is not wrong to say that a well-trained workforce can increase the profitability to a great extent.

The major duties of the restaurant staff comprises of –

Food Handling: Restaurant employees know proper food-handling practices. They avoid the cases of food poisoning and wastage due to contamination.

Moreover, they also have good idea about the serving rules, such as

Serving food to the children first then ladies and at the end gents, refilling the glasses,  ans remove all dishes on time when a course is finished. In short a restaurant employee is expected to meet the demands of the hungry customers while keeping politeness, organization and efficiency standards.

Customer Service: The best thing about the restaurant employees is that they are master in providing excellent services to the customers. For example – If your employees are courteous and goes out of their way to provide special service to customers, they will go back with the fond memories and are most likely to visit again.

Smooth Operations – It means from welcoming your guests, taking the order and serving it correctly. It is a vital responsibility of a restaurant employee that their customers are treated with respect and receives quality food on time no matter how busy the restaurant is. If your customers are satisfied and happy with the overall experience with the brand, they are tend to visit again and also spread positive word about it to others thus enhancing your sales revenue.

In order for your restaurant to be prosperous, you need the exceptional ingredients i.e. a well-trained chefs and staff who will build long term relationship with your customers.

  1. Process

To run a successful restaurant business, it is not enough to just serve a delicious food. It is the execution that matters the most. For example, if your guest visits your restaurant and they order certain food, no matter how scrumptious it would be, if you simply serve without any presentation or interaction, rather show attitude and rude behavior, your customers are less likely to visit you again.

Thus, the most important thing to do when your customers visit your restaurant is listen to them. Interact with them. Offer them comfortable sitting where all the cutlery are kept quiet presentably. Ask their likes and dislikes regarding the menu. Tell them about the specialty of the restaurant. However do not enforce them to order it but it is necessary to let them know you care for them. Make them feel like a VIP. Once they are finished with the dining, make sure to take their feedback regarding the entire experience with the brand. If they criticize anything, take it as a way to improve. Apologize for any mistake and thank them to visit you.

All these strategies are necessary to create a long lasting bond with a customer. Studies have shown that 79% content and satisfied customers become loyal to your restaurant and visit you again and again.

  1. Right communication to the right audience

Customers are the life blood of any business. If you are owning a restaurant, you will desire that all the tables in your restaurant are full all the time. However, that is possible if you have a good marketing presentation. Nowadays, with so many restaurants mushrooming in the market every year, it is essential to put your best foot forward to be successful.

Here are few tips and ideas to improve your business and grab the eyeballs of the potential customers:

  • As it is rightly said that visual content has high demand online these days, the excellent way to promote your brand can be by posting high-quality, drooling images of your real menu. You can also post the videos of your chefs who are cooking innovative dishes.
  • Try integrating loyalty programs for your special customers. It is one of the vital restaurant marketing plan. From a free purchase or massive discount for visiting a certain number of times to offering food deals every time they visit you, can be good strategy to show your customers you care and appreciate their loyalty.
  • You can also try sending promotional emails to your customers. It can be to celebrate your success, discuss new menu items or to give away special deals. However, remember that these mails can be sent once in a fifteen days or monthly as most people appreciate a less flooded inbox.  
  • Create an active social media page where your customers can share and interact about their experiences with you and other customers directly. Moreover, when they give their feedback – positive or negative, reply them immediately. This will make them realize that you take their feedbacks seriously.

Apart from all these you can also hold an engaging contests or photo tagging on popular social media websites. However, make sure to give away free stuff or discounts to the winners. It will create awareness among people.

  • Always try to be honest with your customers. Every individual will like to be a part of brand who is transparent in and out. There need not be any hidden costs. Moreover, if at any point you are not able to exceed the expectations of the customers be clear and apologize for the same. It will help you create a good bond with the customers. Also, once they start trusting you, they will definitely ignore any minor hiccups and never turn to your competitors.

Driving a successful restaurant business can be tough. But if you incorporate these special ingredients in your strategy, you are bound to taste the success.