The way the world does business today is very different, but you already know that. Today, data drives both the business and the consumer. Just think about the amount of information you consume in a single day than you did a decade ago. And this content and information is likely to develop and change in the years to come, and so will our consumption habits.

However, while this information is being consumed, remember that we leave behind a digital trail that is extremely unique to us. Almost like a fingerprint. The information we search for, like, share, search, reveals our likes, dislikes, beliefs and defines our personality. For business that exists in the same digital world, this is a great opportunity to connect with their customers like never before.

Decoding the Data

All business establishments have been collecting customer information since time immemorial, even in the pre internet days in the form of hand written registers. Today, while almost everyone is inclined towards assimilating data, the sheer volume can make it unmanageable. Therefore, it is important to know how to draw relevant information from your data for your business advantage.

For instance, if you are a restaurant owner, the data of your restaurant business becomes useful only when utilized along with a data management platform. This platform collates all the data from your business website, mobile applications, social networks, store front and other interfaces that your customers use to create their profile and help you understand them better.

After all the data is analyzed, it spins out priceless information about customer tendencies and preferences, making the restaurant capable of drawing up successful marketing strategies and also allowing good customer engagement.

Data mining can be used in various ways to enhance customer experience. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Know your Customer Preferences

Build an understanding of your customers dining behavior. This can help you update your menu by introducing specials or create personalized experiences by giving them their favorite dessert for free! This attention builds a loyal customer base, who will appreciate the attention they receive from your restaurant.

Recognize Customer Patterns

It is essential to understand your customer’s behavior pattern through the collected data. It can help you identify your customer’s likes and dislikes, thereby giving you an opportunity to provide a better experience to your customer and also increasing your chances of growing your business. For example, when customers browse through your restaurant’s mobile app, you can help them navigate better based on their past usage habits.

Analyzing Behavior

Depending on the amount of time a customer spends on your restaurant page, even if he’s not making a reservation can help you assess their preferences. At this point, making relevant suggestions along with an actionable link will ensure that the customer reserves a spot at your restaurant.

Geolocation Targeting

Geolocation is also changing how data is collected and is used to enhance customer experience. It allows relevant offers or invites to be sent to customers by sensing their proximity to your business, increasing response and conversion rate.

When used through an effective marketing & customer engagement platform,  your data can answer many questions.

  • Why do customers stop visiting my restaurant?
  • What do they think about my service & staff?
  • Which items on the menu are not generating a demand?
  • Who is visiting my restaurant website/app but not placing an order?

Every one of your customer is looking for a great experience and while you may undoubtedly be trying your best, there will be times when they leave without a feedback. In such a scenario, it is data mining that helps you identify, understand and motivate your customers and enable you to enhance their dining experience.