Do you want to increase repeat customers? Worried about getting new customers?  Are you looking to boost restaurant revenue?

Birthdays are extremely popular and unlike the conventional methods of having a house party to celebrate one’s birthday, people are extroverts and prefer celebrating their birthdays at some place good. No restaurant would ever want to miss a chance to have a bunch of people coming to his restaurant and celebrating and experiencing happiness. Quiet likely, the strongest way to have an effective marketing is the word of mouth by the people who have already experienced it. Usually the people that come in on birthdays remember the place they visited and speak about it more often than not. You might have noticed several times this conversation taking place: Hey what did you do on your birthday?

The most usual replies include the gifts that he/she got, places that he/she went to for dinner or lunch. This is when it becomes inevitable of your restaurant to be spoken about. Now it is on you how you would like your restaurant to be spoken about. The person can go on and on enumerating his enjoyment and experience or the same person can list down how your restaurant became the primary reason to spoil his birthday.

The next very important factor that might lead you convinced about the importance of giving good birthday experience is that it rarely so happens that the person celebrating his birthday comes alone, in fact we wouldn’t be wrong in saying it’s impossible. This implies that the bunch of people accompanying the celebration will become aware about the fact that your restaurant is birthday friendly. Ill share my personal experience that will lead you to believe what I intend to communicate. James had his birthday on 15th of February and James decided to throw a party for his friends. So he broadcasted a message inviting around 25 people in the evening to a nearby restaurant. When I received the message, the first thing that I did was to check what kind of place is it. Next, I informed my parents and then again I mentioned the place that I’ll be visiting this evening to around people whom I daily converse with. This is how it creates a cascading effect and hence allows your restaurant to be known.

In the evening when the people invited by James gather around there are 25 potential customers in the same room. Any rational restaurateur would want to grab the opportunity and make it look like to everyone present with James that this is a rocking idea to celebrate a birthday; even I’ll do something similar. This can much likely be called as the demonstration effect.

You will have to decide that what is it that you’d like to achieve, what manner would you’d like to achieve it in and in what budget. These are some important factors which will be required to be considered and planned. While most of the people understand the message behind this content, a much strenuous task is to find out HOW to do it.

Promotions, discounts and greetings are undoubtedly the first thing that strikes and perhaps the most effective way. Who wouldn’t appreciate a discount of say 15% on a bill of Rupees ten grand’s?. As much as people like to celebrate their birthdays at fancy places, it tweaks them when it comes to make the payment. If you can successfully capitalize at this tweak, you are actually opening the door for him to come back again. By doing this you’re not only promoting your restaurant but you are also making your customers happy.

Greeting them is another method of touching your customers and it makes you look like you care for them; this is exactly what a lot of people look up to when it comes to restaurant. Further, sending them physical post cards is a great deal of showing your generosity. You can also add a birthday combo that he/she can redeem at the store. You can greet them on your social handles and tag them as a loyal customer. It is noticed that when a particular person has been recognized, he/she comes back more often and mostly with different sets of people all the time. This gives you a lot of benefits. Not to mention the personal touch that will be acknowledged by him and be shared among his acquaintances. Decorating the table for a customer’s birthday will not only make you look good in the eyes of the person celebrating but will also make you look like a hero to other people who are present there.

While we understand that it is not always possible to serve discounts and push the promotional budget out of the line, but it is almost certain that if this is done in a structured and an effective manner, its benefits will far exceed it costs.



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