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Restaurant marketing


The term marketing has been described as an activity of promotion of one’s product or service with an objective of increasing consumer awareness or increase in its consumption. What’s latent is that more often than not the meanings of these terms are subject to the changing times. What once applied would never hold validation today. What are the best ways to market your restaurant -1

What are the best ways to market your restaurant -1Here, we are talking about how you should market your restaurant and identifying the resultant methods as traditional (which may or may not be effective and definitely wouldn't have the desired impact) or modern practices (Which may or may not be effective but would definitely make an impact.

Traditional marketing is profit oriented and not customer oriented. Often, the objective of marketing is confined to sale of products/services resulting in profits. Only profits in isolation are considered. Modern practices entail a number of techniques which has not still been defined. It includes digital marketing, internet marketing, print media etc. The idea here is to lay focus upon customer satisfaction resulting in building customer relationships.

What are the best ways to market your restaurant-2We list down a list of factors and ideas if implemented would result in enhancing your marketing results and by doing so, you may just congratulate of being a top notch:

  1. Managing social handles

The first step to enter the modern arena is to get on the social media, establish your existence and prove your presence. Often, people step up on the social media to aggressively to present themselves at all platforms losing an appropriate grip and having loose ends. Take only as much as you can eat: manage them efficiently and effectively. See to it that all your handles are in sync and content mentioned are accurate.

  1. Connect to food bloggers and Monitor the review.What-are-the-best-ways-to-market-your-restaurant-3

The current situation is dominated by internet enabled devices and people using such devices. The target audience reads, shares and influences through digital content. Connect with bloggers who have readership and increase your database. Ensure that the database is structured and is not spammed in any way. It is also a necessity now to connect to online apps which allow listing the restaurant, food delivery, and reservation through such apps. Further, the reviews given by the customers and users of the app are to be monitored and possibly the negative reviews should be addressed internally as well as the result of the issue should be demonstrated to the person giving a negative comment.

  1. Engage your customers

Though primarily your restaurant would thrive on the quality of food that you serve, but often the customers are influenced by other factors such as seating, service, staff, theme and so on, and these factors usually have a substantial influence over the What-are-the-best-ways-to-market-your-restaurant-3choice that a customer makes. Installing a photograph booth, or send a candid picture of the people with the bill to convey you care. Having a foosball table or board games would also work. New and novel methods based on the target audience have to be implemented.

  1. Set up Google Notifications

What are the best ways to market your restaurant-4Google Alert is a service that notifies you when a key term or your business name has appeared in some content over the web. This provides an easy way to keep tab of who is talking about you and you have the opportunity to penetrate the interests of such people to develop and genuine and a long relationship

  1. Time your tweets and magnify your Instagram

Instagram for food has been hugely popular as a sharing platform, its integration with Facebook has only enhanced it further, using trendy and niche hashtags would work well. Tweets when timed appropriately do wonders to your sales.

These are obviously effective ways of marketing but this list isn’t an exhaustive list. The more creatively you think, the more results you see.





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