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When setting up a restaurant business, a combination of various elements add up to the final result in what customers experience, including the ambiance, cuisine and audience. However, there are no rules when choosing a theme and often restaurant owners blur these lines to merge more than one concept, to be more competitive & unique. But irrespective of the theme, when it comes to finding the winning formula for success, there is a lot that stand-alone restaurants can learn from their fast food chain counterparts. After all, not only are fast food restaurants able to drive efficiency effectively but are also able to achieve scale and profits through their model more effectively than stand-alone restaurant businesses.

So, what are the important lessons that stand-alone restaurants can imbibe in order to run their business successfully?

Fast food restaurants have speed & accuracy on their side

The Fast food lesson:

The fanatical speed at which orders are taken and delivered is where this restaurant concept gets its name. Just about everyone eats at a fast food restaurant for the sheer convenience of being able to grab a quick bite while on the go. In order for the quick-serve model to work, the speed needs to be combined with staggering accuracy.

How you can adopt it: 

You may not want to send your customers out the door in an efficient 20 seconds, but you can gain from incorporating speed and accuracy into your restaurant model. Fortunately, innovations in restaurant technology allow for speed & efficiency rather easily today with table ordering systems and Cloud-based POS software.

Technology enables your wait staff & kitchen to execute orders flawlessly at commendable speed, allowing you to build customer satisfaction, increasing the table turnaround time and improving your inventory & resource management.


Fast food restaurants design intelligent menu to upsell

 The fast food lesson:

Ever noticed how fast food brands always provide the option for food combos, add-ons & upsizing your order? Upselling is an unbeatable marketing strategy, which not only drives sales, but also reduces ordering time. Bundled offers are easy to choose and do not overwhelm customers with too many choices on the menu.

How you can adopt it:

Combo offers & upselling can be easily incorporated in your restaurant with the help of customer and business analysis which allows “menu engineering”, where you can study the popularity & profitability of menu items. This will help make suggestions regarding the placement of items depending on the aforementioned two factors.

Being able to create intelligent menus and combo offers will drive more traffic to your restaurant, will help keep your menu fresh and will also facilitate suggestive selling of your targeted items.


Fast food restaurants have very high visibility

The fast food lesson:

A big part of fast food restaurant success is their marketing strategy. With branches practically everywhere, they are convenient to access. The large billboard advertisements in bright red & yellow attract customer attention. According to an article in The New York Times, there are about 3 new McDonalds that open every day in order to be just 4 minutes away from any person looking for a quick bite.

How you can adopt it:

Driving business to your restaurant entails staying in touch with your customers. You may not have a chain of restaurants to go where your customers are present physically, but owing to modern restaurant technology solutions, internet revolution & the omnipresent smart phones, you can certainly go where your customers are present practically all the time; online. With your virtual presence, you can reach your customer base both existing & potential, in real time.


Social media tools today allow restaurant owners to efficiently create a brand presence and engage with their customers, along with promoting offers & targeting marketing campaigns to drive sales. Online ordering systems with an attractive menu offer a far more effective strategy to bring in more orders without involving an additional real estate cost or billboard advertising expense.

The restaurant industry, the market space, the socio-economic landscape, & the demographic of the consumer; everything is constantly evolving. The one constant in this kaleidoscope of change is technology & its undeniable growth into an unquantifiable future.  

The need of the hour apart from fantastic food is to harness the technology wave to engage with your customers, ensuring the experience you are delivering is just what they need to be swept off their feet.

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