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Social Media Marketing


You need engagement, virality, re-tweet, likes, shares, followers, and the various factors that accompanies online networking. But have you ever stepped back and pondered what kind of substance gets the attention, or what to share on online networking sites to get the best results?

We live in an age where social media has managed to yield a viewership that has bypassed the traditional forms of information and interaction. Any technology has three stages before a change, first is awe and wonderment, second is recognizing that it may do good as well as bad, and third, that it will have to be managed properly to ensure that it won’t prove to be harmful. Similarly social media is in the second stage where it is making a swift transition from the first stage to the second stage. People are getting increasingly specific about what they want to read and see. Not all kinds of content receive equal viewership and not all contents are equally capable of traction and retention.

People are increasingly getting on the social media and hence for the viewers it has become a pool of options. If they aren't satisfied with what you are sharing, they will not stay at your website. This is the main reason that most of the websites are facing high bounce rates.

Hence we make an attempt to help you identify what types of content you should post so that it becomes viral and gives you maximum results.

  1. You Tube videos:

Short videos are becoming the new trend which will allow you to communicate with your target audience effectively. You can create a video reviewing products or showing how to create something. If you do not have a specific product that you need to explain, you can create videos to share your experience about your business or you can shoot a video of your employees or some customers sharing their experience. We as Indians are extremely sensitive and emotional. Happiness and sorrow in India is extremely contagious. Whatever video you upload, will not only give a good traction but may also help you grow your sales. Though this is a very popular way to serve the purpose but it usually in underrated and hence underutilized.

  1. Info graphics, images, stats and bright content

Currently info graphics are the most featured content that is posted. Unlike the text form of contents that we share, this is much different and hence gives a better alluring view on the platform that you post it on. Since the content is bright and offers deciphered meaning to it, the viewer’s sticks to it for longer. Think of this as a textbook which has only text and no pictures as compared to a book with less content and more information through charts, graphs etc. Brain works faster in looking as compared to reading.

  1. Make it more about experiences:

Content is not simple words and texts or for that matter not even graphs or pictures. You will never be disappointed if you are successful in making your content user friendly which gives them an experience that they want. Making the content interactive is the key, it is said to be the key for innumerable content. Think of it as any social handle example Facebook, tinder, or Instagram. Why are people so addicted of it? Why is it doing so well? The simple answer is that they allow the people to interact.

  1. Sensational content

Indians are known to be sentimental, sensitive and full of emotions. Most of us thrive on these values and hold them in high regards. If you are able to build a bridge between your content and these values amongst your customers, be rest assured that the content will be sensational. Create content that invokes emotions. Think of it as any Cadbury commercials. They only succeeded because they were able to connect and press the correct nerve.


  1. News worthy content

Half the people out there are tired of getting to know about different things in the traditional forms. They are always looking for new ways, and that is what you have to serve them with. Most people develop content that focuses on the long term fundamentals ignoring or giving little importance to the ones which are to be dealt with in short term. Creating news worthy content means creating content which are important to the current time.
The best method is to make sure you know your audience, analyse your data, test different types of social media content, and develop a powerful strategy.





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