Digitization has simplified lives all over the world, and given rise to the smartphone generation. With more and more apps being developed for any and every use, we are seeing an increased dependence on mobile phones. Need a cab? Book from your mobile. Out of groceries? Order from your mobile. Craving a pizza? Grab your cellphone again.

Technology has made our day-to-day lives incredibly easy by providing instant access to information and services like never before. But how can the humble mobile device prove to be a boon for your business? Let’s find out!

The Importance of Mobile Marketing for Restaurants

As a restaurant owner, the mobile phone can serve as a lethal marketing tool for you. It helps you reach the right audience instantly, helps you promote the right offers, introduce the new menu, and many more via a simple SMS outreach. It is in fact one of the simplest ways to reinforce your brand in the mind of the consumer.

So, how else can mobile marketing empower your business? The advent of smartphones have opened up several avenues for restaurants to reach out to their customers more frequently and effectively. Some of the trends we have observed in this space, that are pushing the food business further are:

  • Online and Mobile ordering - This is perhaps the biggest transformation the industry has seen. We went from ordering from our local food joint, to sophisticated apps that enable restaurants to showcase their menu, feature reviews, offer additional services to the users and much more. If you are not on the app, guess what? You just lost a potential diner!
  • Social media - Today conversations dominate customer choices, and guess where your diners are? That’s right! They are busy getting social. So if you are not present on key social media platforms engaging with your diners and driving conversations and trends, you are missing out on a large part of your business growth. Be present; be social and engage with your customer.
  • Smart ad campaigns - Media buying can prove to be strategic to your business especially in the all-pervasive digital era. So don’t just rely on the traditional media and flyers to get the message across, instead get mobile with your marketing campaigns. In app advertisements, offers on relevant food discovery platforms and discounts with specific digital payment wallets should be adopted to usher your business in the new age customer engagement environment.

Individuals today are seen with their mobile phones wherever they go, and with the smart campaign tools and the right insights, you can expect them to walk into your door far more frequently and easily than ever before.