With the world now connected 24/7 through social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, marketers are finding it easy to reach out to the potential customers and promote their brands. Studies have also shown that 97% of the global share of companies uses the all-powerful social media marketing tool to interact with the target audience and sell their products/services.

These numbers proves that social media marketing is extremely important and influential way to increase sales and reach greater exposure in the digital market.


Below are few facts showing why social media is best for restaurant marketing:

  1. Social media marketing is effective and inexpensive

The best thing about the social media is that it is an economical way to reach large number of targeted customers within less time and less efforts. According to one of the research 70% of customers prefer to connect to the restaurant brand on Facebook and 63% on Twitter. Additionally, 46% of users count on social media while ordering any menu online and 50% of people visited a restaurant as per the recommendations on social media websites.

All the above detailed numbers gives us an idea how social media has become a major part of everyday life.

  1. Customer retention is easy on Social Media

It is found that 82% customers stopped doing business with a company because of poor customer experience. Undoubtedly, this can have a prolonged damaging effect on any organization. To evade this outcome, companies needs to enhance their ability to interact, engage and provide fantastic customer service in real time via social media websites. It is an exceptional way to introduce your brand, promote new products and build trust with your existing customers.

However, do not forget to stay relevant. If any of your customer has a problem with your service and expresses it on social media, make sure you address their concerns immediately. A personal response always has a positive effect on your bonding.

  1. Reach out to New Customers

With the help of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, a restaurant owner can easily find out what are people’s needs and expectations. It can be an incredible opportunity to let your audiences know how you care for them. It can be by –

  • Being little snappy, informal and having light hearted conversation
  • Listen and respond to the feedback
  • Sharing links of new stories, videos and podcasts
  • Run competitions and offer exclusive gift hampers
  • Generating word of mouth advertising
  • Make a fan page and engaging your potential customers by stressing what you can offer them.

However, make sure that your profile is up-to-date and your conversation is meeting the objectives.

  1. Generate More Leads with Social Media

Restaurateurs always desires to boost their revenue. Fortunately, with the aid of social media marketing it is incredibly easy to maintain relationship with your current customers and generate more leads. Here are few tips:

  • Start with an enticing tweet to spread the word about any new launches of the products. Do not forget to put the link of your eye catching website.
  • You can run a paid ads on Facebook
  • Run unique and engaging contests every 15-30 days. It can surely grab a lot of attention. However, the downside of these contests is that the leads you will get are not always qualified as most of them would be freebie seekers. But nevertheless, it will at least help you enhance your database.
  • Treating your social media pages as a website will help you generate a lot of leads. Look beyond likes and retweets. Post some good links of relevant and quality content regularly. Ask your audiences expectations. Give them a chance to share their feedback.
  • Host an event that is related to your industry. Make sure it is not directly related to your company. With this, you are offering a great chance to people to have conversation with each other. It adds great value and more and more people will like to know when you will host similar events next time. In short it can translate into new leads for you.

All the above tips are insanely effective and helps you create a qualified leads within a very short span of time.

  1. Social Media Creates Meaningful Relationship with Customers

Social media can take your relationship with the customers to the next level. Here are few tips on how to influence their purchase decision –

  • Make it simple for people to share their stories, be it positive or negative. Encourage them to let the world know how your brand makes a difference in their life. Customers love to share their views. In short, if your customers are content and satisfied, your business will be too. So find ways to make them feel comfortable, easy and good to share their opinions.
  • A personal touch is essential. It means you should say thank you or sorry personally whenever necessary. It is the best way to handle the situation and show that you respect and value your customers.
  • Ask your customers to share their birthdays and anniversaries. Wishing them on special occasions will help in building a long lasting relationship. This in turn will propel your brand awareness. Taking time in showing gratitude means you are truly interested in enhancing customer experiences.

Make your customers understand that a social media page you created is for them and not only to boast about their products. Surpassing customer’s expectations can only help you generate more and more leads.

All the above facts and numbers shows why social media is best for restaurant marketing. Thus it won't be wrong to say that it is the in-thing for any restaurant business - present and future!

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